FOXNews' Tom Sullivan: Blacks Will Riot If Obama Loses

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The Fact Beat:

On his Fox News radio show, Tom Sullivan predicted that African-Americans would be rioting in the streets similar to what happened after the O.J. trial in the 1990s.

Let me put it to you a different way. What if Barack Obama is not -- does not win the Democratic nomination, or he does win it, and loses in the presidential race against John McCain? Is black America going to throw their hands up and say, 'Man, you know, I thought we were getting somewhere in this country, but this is just a bunch of racial bigots in this country and they still hate blacks and, I mean, if Barack Obama can't get elected, then we're never gonna have anybody that's a black that's gonna be elected president.' And will there be riots in the streets? I think the answer to that is yes and yes. Read on...

Well, Senator Obama wanted to open a dialog about race with the American people -- here's his answer from FOXNews. The unwashed, uncivilized black folk will riot if they don't get their candidate. For an extra laugh, I lifted this quip from Sullivan's page on the Fox website: (don't click unless you want to give them hits)

Tom brings integrity, life experience, intellect and likeability, as a benchmark of his show.

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