December 11, 2013

The big music festival is getting ready to roll, and feelings are hurt all around. Juliette is beseiged by the press who want to know if she broke up the Wentworth marriage, Deacon found out he's been pulled from the schedule by Teddy, Gunnar's set is over by the Port-O-Potties, and Scarlett's hurt and upset that Zooey didn't tell her she was with Gunnar now.

Juliette, of course, is really, really ticked and tells her manager Bucky to find out who's spreading the rumors about her. (We already know it was the vindictive little Layla Grant.)

Rayna walks in on Sleazy Jeff, naked in his backyard pool with a woman, because she's been getting the runaround from his secretary. She demands to know if it's true that he's going to release her album without her permission. He lays it on the line: Give him $20 million, or kiss the album goodbye.

Deacon ropes in Gunnar to do a guerrilla performance with him at the Music Festival. "Is this legal?" a skeptical Gunnar asks. "Probably not," Deacon says with a grin. He tells Gunnar it's either this or the 11 a.m. slot by the toilets. How can Gunnar give all that up?

Scarlett walks into the living room, sees Gunnar and gives him the stinkeye. Then she asks him to leave.

Gay Will runs into Brent, Sleazy Jeff's assistant, and finds out he broke up with his boyfriend. Hmm. After his set, Will ends up sleeping with him.

Juliette confronts Layla over leaking the story to the tabloids. She certainly is a cool little number, and blows Juliette off with a non-admission.

Rayna and Luke don't see eye to eye about her leaving the label. Luke doesn't understand the whole artist thing, he likes to just do his thing and let management handle the details.

Gay Will is performing and you just know he's thinking about Brent.

Maddie finds out Deacon is performing but Not-Pregnant Peggy refuses to let her go. Teddy shows up and is pissed that Deacon found a wall around him.

Scarlett and Zoey finally talk. "Can't you see this is about more than a boy?" tearful Scarlett says, and turns away.

Sleazy Jeff tells Rayna he's done marketing research, and many of her new tracks don't resonate with her audience. Rayna says, "That's the trouble with you. You think this is all about the numbers, and not the music. I bet you never even listened to it."

"You think I'm a bad guy, but I'm not," he tells her. "Just read this."

Meanwhile, Teddy shows up with the cops at Deacon's guerrilla performance site. Deacon points out it's private property, he has permission from the owner, and there's nothing Teddy can do about it. "I'd love to tell everyone how hospitable the mayor is," Deacon says. Teddy tells him he'll have cops watching him.

Tandy tells Rayna if she mortgages her house and cashes out all her stocks, she can get $15 million and Tandy will invest the rest. "Would you do it?" Rayna asks. "Would you risk everything?"

"No, but I went to business school."

Juliette freezes on stage when she sees a "Home Wrecker" banner in the audience, but Avery manages to get her through it. After her performance, she confides in him about how she sent Charlie Wentworth back to his wife. "Did you love him?" Avery asks. "It wasn't about that," Juliette says.

She tells the press she will no longer have anything to say on the topic. Later, she talks with Charlie, who tells her he's going ahead with the divorce, anyway.

Sleazy Jeff warns Layla if she had anything to do with the rumors about Juliette, he will drop her contract like a hot rock.

While watching Deacon play, Scarlett tells Avery he's the only one who's always honest with her.

Rayna tells Deacon he's "a real good front man." "I learned from the best," he tells her. Their moment is interrupted by a phone call from Megan. Sleazy Jeff asks if Rayna read the research. She says no, but she'll have a check for him on his desk Monday morning. He looks shocked and tells her she's making a mistake. (Seems like they're trying to make him a sympathetic character all of a sudden.)

A promoter wants to talk to Deacon about a solo career.

Oh, and Zoey tells Gunnar if Scarlett was really her friend, she'd be happy for her.

Juliette realizes the man she really loves is Avery, and goes over to his house to tell him. She stops when she sees Scarlett is there.

After Brent leaves, we see Will is standing on the train tracks, facing an oncoming train.

OMG, someone walks up to Teddy, and while trying to shoot him, apparently kills Not-Pregnant Peggy!

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