March 31, 2014

Fox's Judge Jeanine Pirro was back at it again, attacking President Obama in another one of her "opening statements" this Saturday. The pundits at Faux "news" sure do love them some autocrats, or anyone else they would normally despise, if it means they get a chance to get some cheap shots in on our Socialist, Marxist, Kenyan usurper President, don't they?

Here's the "judge" with the latest round of full blown Obama Derangement Syndrome and a good deal of revisionist history thrown in to boot. I can only imagine how the right wing pundits would have reacted if anyone on television had spoken this respectfully about their hero George W. Bush while he was still in office. They'd have been calling them traitors and telling them to get the hell out of the country at the very least. Now that a Democrat is in office, anything goes.

Fox's is apparently proud of this screed, since they posted the transcript at their blog: Judge Jeanine to President Obama: 'You Draw Lines, Putin Crosses Them':

Sometimes the perception of power is more important than power itself.

As our president continues to fumble on the world stage, he single-handedly is bringing about the decline of the U.S. as a world power, something that impacts you in every way from your pocketbook to your safety.

This decline in power has been ongoing since Barack Obama took office.

Starting with the red lines...

The finger wagging...

Removing economic sanctions against Iran, allowing it to continue its nuclear buildup...

Relying on Russian President Putin to broker a deal for Syria's removal of its chemical weapons just to save face after announcing plans to attack Syria...

Not even sending reinforcements to protect our men in Benghazi...

Unilaterally removing the missile defense system that protects eastern Europe from Russia...

All the while trumpeting the reduction of our military on the world stage with pride.

Not only are we now perceived as weak...

Our enemies emboldened...

mpacting your safety and mine.

With this loss of power - or the perception of that loss - goes manufacturing jobs, trade alliances, allies standing with us.

Weakness encourages aggression.

Putin's perception of power is so strong that he took Crimea with virtually no one hurt or killed.

Our president threatens costs, claiming to speak for the international community. Except the international community wasn't with the president. The UN, NATO, the EU - no one with initials - nobody was with him.

Our president revokes a few Russian businessmen's visas to Disney World and withdraws Putin's invitation to tea with the G7 - formerly the G8 - Putin being the odd man out.

Mr. President, while you're moving tea cups, Putin is moving soldiers and tanks. Today 80,000 Russian soldiers on the Ukraine border.

Now you come out and say there will be more costs should Putin take more than Crimea.

Since Putin already took Crimea, you really didn't mean what you said, and didn't say what you meant, so why should he listen?

While you've got a pen and phone running around wagging your finger, Putin is running around with tanks and soldiers.

You brag about reducing the U.S. Military. He increases Russia's military by 79 percent.

Putin's influence in Europe and the Middle East increases. Russia is on its way to becoming the dominant world power. And you say this??

"Russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors - not out of strength, but out of weakness."

A regional power? Weak? Really?

You engaged him to broker a deal with Syria after you didn't have the fortitude to follow through on your threat, relying on this KGB agent's "truth telling" that Syria would eliminate its chemical weapons - all the while he's selling weapons to Syria.

And don't we rely on Russia to get us into space now that we've shut down our own program.

And take a listen to this...

"And I think the strong condemnation that its received from countries around the world indicates the degree to which Russia is on the wrong side of history on this."

I'll tell you who's looking like they're on the wrong side of history.

You are not listening to history. And he who doesn't learn from history is destined to repeat it.

Ronald Reagan was a strong president. He trusted, but he verified. He ended the Cold War.

You come in taking down the missile defense system in eastern Europe with nothing in return. Why are you doing this? Do you even know who our enemies are? Do you know that your obligation is to protect us and our economy?

And you say Russia is a regional power? With all due respect Mr. President, Putin is a pig, but he's been bitch-slapping you since the Edward Snowden mess.

And speaking of perception, your Secret Service bozos, passing out drunk in hotel hallways traveling with you in Europe makes you look weak yet again. Do you think Putin's KGB guys would dare do something like that?

I suspect they can handle their Stoli better.

You draw lines... Putin crosses them.

You play make believe war games... He sends the troops.

You sit around moving tea cups... He moves armored tanks.

And you want to poke this tiger in the eye?

The perception of power - as strong as power itself.


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