April 24, 2014

Michigan Republican Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land, is in a very tight race for the seat so she just cut a new ad mocking the Democrats "war on women" theme and she joined Gretchen Carlson to discuss it. She's been under fire because she said women don't care about making more money in 2010:

The idea is to humanize Land; she's been under fire from Democrats recently for remarks she made in 2010 that women are "more interested in flexibility in a job than pay."

Even President Obama has gotten into the act, calling out Land — though not by name — as being cut from the same cloth as the Senate Republicans who voted against a bill aimed at closing the pay gap between men and women.

Instead of answering charges that Rep. Gary Peters has made, she reiterates the tired Republican position that Obamacare is the real evil descending on the women of America.

Carlson: So in 2012,the war on women campaign was very effective and it looks like that is going to be coming back to the forefront now as we move into the midterms and for your election.

Land: ...Now you've got the folks in Washington trying to tell Michigan women what they want. It's just absurd.

Carlson: Gary Peters, who's running against you says that you oppose the paycheck fairness act despite not knowing what the measure entails. backwards health care principles that you support. You support the "Akin Plank," and won't even sign a pledge to keep both candidates children out of negative political attacks. What do you say about what he has to say about you?

Land: Reality is the real war on women is the fact that we have Obamacare...

She went on to list the typical GOP spin against Obamacare and refused to say whether she supports the Akin Plank or not.

Rep. Gary Peters had this to say about her new 30 second ad:

The congressman's campaign accused Land of playing political games.

"Given Land's track record of opposing equal pay for women, and supporting a plan that would ban common forms of birth control like the pill and cut access to preventative care like mammograms, Michigan women deserve more than a 30-second gimmick," an aide to Peters said in a statement.

Land and Peters, who represents a suburban Detroit-based district, are the likely nominees in a hotly contested race to replace long-serving Democratic Sen. Carl Levin.

Here's the ad...


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