Alex Jones: Las Vegas Shooting False Flag Conspiracy Against Him By Facebook, Obama, Harry Reid

Alex Jones is the king of anti-government conspiracy theories and he's staying true to form by opining that the Las Vegas shooting is nothing more than a false flag operation coordinated by President Obama, Harry Reid, Mark Zuckerberg and others aimed at tying the killings to him, his website Infowars and all of his extremist right wing cohorts.

On the June 9 edition of The Alex Jones Show, Jones claimed "the country is being purposefully imploded right now," before calling the shootings "absolutely staged." Jones continued stating, "There is so much proof of this being staged yesterday, when I first read about it, and this morning, that my mind exploded with hundreds of data points, and quite frankly it's conclusive." He then claimed that the shooting bore out some of the "hundreds of predictions" that he had made "since the Bundy ranch situation," including a scenario where a shooting is blamed on the Tea Party.

Towards the end of the segment, Jones named Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and referenced actions by the Obama administration in purporting to identify the actual parties responsible for the Las Vegas police ambush. He concluded, "I kept telling, they're getting ready to false flag, and it happens right in Harry Reid's district, right in his state, right in his city, with his police department

This man is delusional of course or it's just an act for him to pillage his rubes out of their money, but in the end he's riling up insane people that commit acts of violence. And as you can see they are vehement Alex Jones supporters.

Jerad Miller was a fan of Alex Jones, according to his Facebook page. In a February 2013 posting, Miller told people to read Jones' website, writing, " get informed or get stupid"

When David Newiert and I wrote our book, "Over The Cliff," we predicted that with the GOP frightened by Obama's popularity, they opened up their doors to all the extremist nuts that populate their party. And we also predicted that these types of violent outbursts would continue to rise the longer Obama stayed in office. It's predictions that we wished were wrong.

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