Charlie Krauthammer puts on his super crazy kaleidoscope eyes and says if a Republican had "abused the Constitution" President Obama has, they would have been impeached.
June 27, 2014

Fox's Charles Krauthammer told his cohort Greta Van Susteren that President Obama will never be impeached over what he considers the president's "abuses of power" but did his best to validate the wingnuts in the Republican party who have been calling for it for years now.

Krauthammer and Van Susteren used the ruling coming out of the Supreme Court this week, where they validated these pro forma sessions that have further aided and abetted Republicans with their mission to make sure a good portion of our government like the NRLB or the ATF can't even function, along with Boehner's threat to sue the Obama administration as proof that President Obama "obviously trampled on the constitutional powers."

As Think Progress documented back in 2012, here were the top ten reasons Republican wanted to impeach President Obama back then:

1. To get Obama’s birth certificate.
2. “Giving away” seven Arctic islands.
3. Obama’s new immigration policy for undocumented students.
4. “Refusing to secure the borders.”
5. Failing to extended the Bush tax cuts.
6. Not defending DOMA in court.
7. To stop Obama from passing new laws.
8. “Shenanigans” in Obama’s immigration policies.
9. If Obama used the 14th Amendment to declare the debt ceiling unconstitutional.
10. If the government defaults.

Now we can add changing deadlines on the Affordable Care Act, recess appointments, their host of fake "scandals" from Fast & Furious, to BENGHAZI!!!, to the IRS to you name it.

Here's more from Fox's blog with Krauthammer's nonsense: Krauthammer: 'A Republican Would Be Impeached for Abusing Constitution Like Obama Is':

On Thursday, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that President Obama exceeded his authority with recess appointments to the National Relations Labor Board. This comes a day after Speaker of the House John Boehner said he plans to go forward with a lawsuit against President Obama over his use of executive action.

Tonight on ‘On the Record,’ Charles Krauthammer said the fact that the court’s opinion was written by a liberal shows “contempt” for the president’s actions.

“He obviously trampled on the constitutional powers,” Krauthammer said.

Justice Stephen Breyer said in his majority opinion that a congressional break must last at least more than 10 days to be considered a recess under the Constitution.

Krauthammer told Greta Van Susteren, “This is a major statement to the president. […] The reason it’s important is precisely because of what you said. Boehner is challenging the president on all the instances in which the president has gone way over the line.”

He called out the Obama administration’s “tremendous level of arrogance,” adding, “I think this may be a signal that the Boehner lawsuit […] might succeed and Obama might lose.”

Krauthammer surmised that President Obama knows he’s stepping outside the bounds of his executive powers.

“No one could read this decision and not know there was a major abuse of power. I don’t think he cares. […] He truly believes that if the Congress won’t cooperate with him, it’s being kind of un-American and he is the one who is acting in the national interest.”

If President Obama gets away with ignoring and re-writing laws, Krauthammer warned that it would be a “terrible defeat” for the country.

“If this were a Republican president, he’d be impeached now over all of these abuses.”

Sorry pal, but if anyone deserved to have articles of impeachment drawn up against them, it was the Bush administration for invading Iraq and torture along with a list too long to name here of all the ways they abused our Constitution. If a Republican president had done what President Obama has done in the face of Democratic obstruction, all of you in the media would have been carrying water for them rather than aiding and abetting the right wing with their latest witch hunt.


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