Rush Limbaugh: Obama Is Worse Than Nixon And Needs To Be Impeached

Rush Limbaugh is joining the impeachobamacampaign folks and calling for President Obama to be impeached because he's so much worse than Richard Nixon.

Limbaugh: This guy needs to be impeached. We impeached Nixon for less than this kind of stuff. Nixon only dreamed about doing what this guy's done. Nixon only dreamed about doing what Lois Lerner has done. Nixon only dreamed about using the IRS to damage his political opponents, but he never did it.

See, an imaginary IRS scandal that hurt no one is so much worse than what tricky Dick did:

In May 1972, as evidence would later show, members of Nixon’s Committee to Re-Elect the President (known derisively as CREEP) broke into the Democratic National Committee’s Watergate headquarters, stole copies of top-secret documents and bugged the office’s phones.

...he arranged to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in “hush money” to the burglars. Then, he and his aides hatched a plan to instruct the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to impede the FBI’s investigation of the crime.

Did Obama form a band called, The Plumbers?

The mission of the plumbers under the CRP was, in a nutshell, to harass Nixon's opponents. They did this through various measures, such as wiretaps, burglaries and intercepted mail. The Watergate break-in was arranged by the CRP and carried out by the plumbers, under a project called Operation Gemstone. Funding for these "dirty tricks" was obtained by laundering money through Mexico.

And a little more:

You'd think he would have learned his lesson. Twenty years later, though, President Nixon's staffers formed the "White House Plumbers," a secret unit tasked with digging up dirt on Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg. The Plumbers went on to commit crimes for the Committee for the Re-Election of the President, including the Watergate burglaries. Although Nixon denied knowledge of the Plumbers activities, tapes subpoenaed during the Watergate investigation revealed years of political espionage and illegal surveillance.


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