Candy Crowley Describes Sen. Graham's ISIS Plan: Being A War Hawk Is Being 'Muscular'

Sen. Lindsey Graham joined CNN's State Of The Union to pontificate his usual fearmongering over ISIS and how America is one step away from being destroyed. After he was done ranting that the US needed to bomb and send ground forces into Iraq and Syria, host Candy Crowley described his over-the-top war hawking ideas as being a more "muscular" response to the situation than President Obama. I mean, WTF?

Graham: We need to take everything and put it on the table. We need to hit them in Syria...When it comes to ground troops, if our military commanders tell us that we need ground forces to defeat ISIL, which is a threat to the United States, so be it. We have got to win and stop these guys.

Candy Crowley: Sen. Reed, last word here. Obviously Sen. Graham wants a much more "muscular" approach than President Obama...

Here's a prime example of a big problem with the beltway media elites. They refuse to call warmongers out for what he or she is and instead frame them as being a tougher person, who's more muscular than anyone who wants to proceed with reason and caution no matter how wrong and destructive they've been. Everyone else is either feminized or made to look like wimps in the face of a possible terror threat.

Was Dick Cheney just being "muscular" when he persuaded Bush to invade a country that didn't attack us? What a stupid analogy for Crowley to make.

By the way, I don't think you could describe anything Huckleberry Graham says as muscular.


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