C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Magma

But, what is Zeuhl? Well, it's a fusion of progressive rock and jazz developed by Christian Vander for his band, Magma. Oh, and all of the lyrics are in a language that Vander made up called Kobaïan. This language is, yet another fusion (he's fond of those), of Slavic, Germanic, and French languages along with elements of scat-yodeling. But why do all of this? Well, Vander dedicated Magma's existence to telling the story of some space pioneers called Kobaïans who came up with their own language based on those of their home planet, Earth. They settle on the planet Kobaïa, which must have been a pretty interesting place, because its story is told over the course of twelve albums (and still going, as far as we know). To give you one last idea of what this music is like, "Zeuhl" is a Kobaïan word that translates to "Celestial," the term that fans chose to describe Magma's style.

Got any favorite bands that are straight-up weirdos?


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