Racebaiter Ted Nugent Posts White Murder Victims Of Blacks On Facebook Page

4 years ago by David

Just what this country needs: Another race baiting, right-wing idiot weighing in on the Ferguson situation in a most heinous and racist light. Ted Nugent, the hard-core right-wing fool, has posted a list of white people who've been murdered by black people on his Facebook page -- to "prove" some sort of reverse racism, I guess. As of now, I find no sourcing information for his claims on his Facebook page and as usual he's blaming the mainstream media for not reporting these crimes as national news.

Here's a few comments:

Jazz Ivy I'm so sick and tired of black people playing the race card. You know why black men are always a target???? Look at how they act and dress. We all judge by appearance. So if you look like trouble expect trouble!!!! Not to be mean but you end up putting that on yourself. Don't dress like a thug. Don't look suspicious. And stop putting yourselves in these positions!!!!!! And more importantly just do what the police say and you won't have issues!!!! Black people wonder why they get no respect!!!! Stop being stupid!!!!!!

Mike Hyde I'm just curious why it's only considered racism when the act is carried out by a white person. Why is it OK for blacks to make fun of whites on TV? Why is it OK for blacks to have TV channels like BET black entertainment television, and the black shopping network. If white people did that it would be considered racism.

Chris Sloan With all do respect...THE MANY IGNORANT black folks don't care about this...for some reason they feel their HISTORY takes precedent over any other similar situation!!!
IT FUCKEN SICKENS ME!!!!! Most black people dont even know their history and jump at every chance to cause a ruckus when thing like this happen!!


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