Senator Durbin To David Gregory: Escalating In Iraq Not An Option


Things are not going as expected in Iraq, and that has David Gregory's dander up. He actually got a little bit animated this morning on Meet the Press over the fact that President Obama complied with the Iraqi's demand that US troops be withdrawn according to the agreement former President George W. Bush made with them.

Most of Gregory's agitation seems to stem from his (mistaken) belief that the United States should be fighting terrorism around the world, wherever it may occur. Worse yet in Gregory's eyes is the humiliation of ISIS' use of American weapons in their quest to conquer the US and establish their 'caliphate' in the Middle East.

Dick Durbin's firm statement that we would not be putting troops on the ground in Iraq again prompted Gregory to ask Durbin whether it was "galling to you... that we, the American military, are targeting assets that ISIS has in its control, where there are American assets, American military hardware, that they stole, left behind, because we got out of Iraq?"

Senator Durbin patiently explained that these things have happened before and will happen again. It goes with the territory we call 'war.' He put an exclamation point on that, saying, "Escalation is not in the cards."

I wish someone would have told Gregory going to war in Iraq in the first place is galling. No one knows what might have happened over time if Iraq had simply been left alone, but those American weapons would probably not have been in the country had we not chosen to invade it in 2003. We would have had all of that wasted money and those lives lost still here.

How many times will history repeat itself before someone gets a clue? Hint: some in the media should probably read about the rise and decline of the Khmer Rouge

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