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Fox News' James Rosen Bashes Rachel Maddow For Questioning The Military

As we've seen with most beltway media elites, if you question U.S. military leaders at all it means you're un-American and unequivocally hate every aspect of our military.

Fox News Chief Washington correspondent James Rosen attacked Rachel Maddow on Howie Kurtz' Media Buzz show Sunday morning when he was asked about the anti-war voices emanating from the left over President Obama's ISIS strategy. As we've seen with most beltway media elites, if you question U.S. military leaders at all it means you're un-American and unequivocally hate every aspect of our military and to Rosen, Maddow and to some extent Chris Mathews (I guess only a couple of MSNBC anchors hate America) are egregiously hostile to the military and therefore must be dismissed if they voice concerns that military leaders shouldn't make foreign policy for the United States.

Here's the segment that Rosen found offensive.

Maddow: ...can I just point out for a second how ridiculous the beltway press is when they report on stuff like this? The beltway just erupted today over that. Scandal. Well, the president has said no ground troops. The administration keeps saying no ground troops. But here`s General Dempsey saying, could imagine recommending ground troops at some point.

You know what that is? That is not a scandal. Because we have this notable and important thing in this country in which the guys in uniforms, no matter how many medals and stars and fancy hats and all those things that they have, they do not get to decide whether or how the United States conducts a war.

Any normal person would say that she's absolutely right, The military does not get to decide how the US conducts foreign policy or war, the president does since he's their commander and chief. If you look to history we can find many examples of how military leaders in all countries, (Guns of August) have made horrendous decisions that resulted in unimagined suffering and astronomical casualties, but as usual with press boys like Rosen, you must bow down to their authority.

Kurtz: What do you make of the volume of the anti-war voices emerging in the media right now?

Rosen: The question Howie that is properly raised here is whether the voices that are presently emitting some kind of anti-war sentiment that in response to this fairly circumscribed military operation the president has announced are the kind of voices from which with respect to from almost any military operation we should expect to hear a hearty Hooah, we're talking about Rachel Maddow who in the clip you just played, I think displayed a kind of innate and unyielding hostility to the military..

Kurtz: How so?

Rosen: With her references to medals and stars and fancy hats, I think that was really condescending..

How dare Maddow be condescending to our military leaders? You should never ever be a bit rude to the infallible high priests of warfare. That is unacceptable. So sayeth James Rosen.

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