Never mind that Republican presidents took similar measures back in their day, the right wants you to believe President Obama's actions are unprecedented.
November 20, 2014

After first doing a bit of good old fashioned fearmongering that we're used to being treated to on Faux "news" about the dirty Mexicans who are coming here to steal all of our good paying American jobs bringing in Ebola and helping all of those ISIS terrorists make their way across the Mexican border -- because we all know that's a much better way of getting into the United States than just hopping on an airplane -- Fox guest and "GOP strategist" Cheri Jacobus explained to host Neil Cavuto why the executive actions taken by her heroes St. Ronnie Raygun and George H.W. Bush were absolutely nothing like what the Kenyan usurper is trying to do now -- or are they?

CAVUTO: Who's to say that tomorrow night he doesn't spell something out on the border?

JACOBUS: Well, you know, we hope that he does...

CAVUTO: But you argue that quid pro quo would not be good enough?

JACOBUS: It is something that should be separate from everything else because to tie it to anything else is just wrong and anybody who says you have to tie the two together is wrong, and they're trying to pull the wool over our eyes and also you hear a lot of folks on the left say, well, you know, Reagan gave some amnesty to some illegals as did the first President Bush and the difference is, first of all, as presidential leadership, this was done for a very very small group of people, basically amnesty as a form of political asylum when they needed it.

The American people knew this and these were leaders that we trusted and we knew why they were doing it and that is not any comparison to what this president is doing, what President Obama is doing by trying to sort of get off on a technicality here in saying there's a precedent.

This is a huge overreach what he's trying to do...

CAVUTO: I just think it telegraphs two years of nothing getting done.

JACOBUS: Well I think what he wants to do is bring in a lot of new people who will eventually vote Democrat because they cannot grow the Democratic ranks currently right now after this last election and I think they know that. But there's this scramble to try to bring new people in who can eventually vote Democrat.

Which explains why they really care about this issue. They don't want any more Democratic voters, not that the people they're demonizing can vote nor or might ever hope to.

Media Matters has more here on this latest hypocrisy from the right: Right-Wing Media Fail To Distance Reagan And Bush From Obama On Immigration :

Right-wing media outlets are trying to draw a distinction between Republican administrations' executive actions on immigration and President Obama's proposed order, claiming that the current president's authority for deferring deportation -- unlike that of his predecessors -- is illegitimate.

On November 20, Obama will reportedly issue an executive order that would suspend deportations for certain classes of undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States. Although the full details of the order aren't yet known, it is expected to focus in part on keeping families together and to provide temporary administrative relief to immigrants who are undocumented but whose children are U.S. citizens or otherwise legally present. There is plenty of legal precedent to support Obama's exercise of prosecutorial discretion to halt some deportation proceedings, and experts from across the political spectrum have pointed out that this sort of executive action has taken place in the past, notably once when Congress failed to pass immigration reform.

Yet right-wing media have nevertheless fearmongered about the legality of Obama's proposed executive action, even though the Associated Press reported that both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush "acted unilaterally on immigration," as have numerous presidents before and since. Despite this Republican precedent, which the American Immigration Council has called a "striking historical parallel," conservative media figures have sought to deny the similarity.


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