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Maddow Hammers Conservative Media: 'They Just Make Stuff Up'

Rachel Maddow went after conservative media for creating an alternate universe for right wing lies to live.

It's about time someone started making noise about the nonsense right wingers get away with when they crank up the echo chamber and start lying to everyone.

Maddow does her characteristic long intro, but it's worth watching if only for the history review of how bull magically transforms into facts when right wing websites get hold of something.

If you want to skip the intro and jump to where she lands the plane, go about 17 minutes in where she lists all the things the Congress has to do just as basic tasks, and then gets to Loretta Lynch.

"Conservatives have built themselves a very popular, very conservative media landscape that doesn't just tell conservatives things they want to hear in terms of opinion. They just make stuff up. They make up news stories that aren't true. And when they get corrected in other places, they never disappear from conservative media."

Yep, that sums it up pretty well. It's why we have this entire segment of the public that believes insane and crazy things. Because why not? When journalism becomes a contest to see who can get the biggest Gotcha Moment or who can lie the best, it's not journalism. It's just fiction.

Which is what most conservative media is. Fiction.

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