March 3, 2015

If I had a dime for every foreign country Republican bedwetters like Jason Chaffetz call "the worst threat to the United States there is" I'd be a rich woman who could afford to shove my middle finger in his face without a care in the world. I suppose I should be grateful that Iran has now supplanted Obamacare as "the biggest threat" in at least one Congressman's mind.

During an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Chaffetz was quaking in his boots at big badass Iran where monsters, not people, live while he clutched his pearls with one hand while shaking his fist at President Obama with the other.

When confronted by Blitzer about whether the "breach of protocol" -- or what I like to call the Congressional finger aimed at the President -- has done harm to US/Israeli relations, Chaffetz practically leaped out of his seat, shouting down Blitzer, saying "Get over it! Get over it, he's going to come here and speak to a joint session of Congress."

Well, duh, Mr. Oversight Chairman. How many subpoenas did you need to figure that one out?

But the real fireworks (and headline) came just a bit later in the interview, when Chaffetz said, "The biggest problem we have on the face of the planet is Iran getting a nuclear weapon." He went on to say, "And we have to do anything and everything in our powers to make sure that doesn't happen."

Blitzer pushed on him a bit, asking "So you would support a pre-emptive strike against their nuclear facilities?"

Chaffetz' response was at once jaw-dropping and predictable. "Absolutely! We have to negotiate from a position of strength. We do not do this through appeasement."

Excuse me? Iran has complied with all of the requirements and inspections required of them during this negotiation process. Every. single. one. There is absolutely zero justification for any sort of preemptive strike on Iran, but when you're a Republican, diplomacy is just another word for appeasement.

What on earth would Saint Ronnie say about that? After all, he didn't swoop in on the Soviets and preemptively target their nuclear facilities before holding the talks that eventually brought down the Soviet Union for good, right?

Let's ask Rep. Chaffetz how he feels about Saint Ronnie the Appeaser next time he's on television blathering about a subject he knows almost nothing about, shall we?

Let us also remember that while our Republican Congress is bowing at the feet of their new leader Bibi Netanyahu, funding for the DHS will run out in three more days. While they're wetting the bed and rattling sabers at Iran, they're willing to just let DHS shut down to punish the President for his executive actions.

Wolf Blitzer really should have gotten more out of President Chaffetz about how raining bombs on Iran will serve anyone's best interests. I'd certainly like to see how he worms his way out of the rat hole he dug for himself.

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