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More Bogus Bravado From Scott Walker

Not only can Walker take on protesters, he can take on bogeymen!
More Bogus Bravado From Scott Walker

Even though Scott Walker got ripped from both the left and the right when he compared Wisconsin protesters to ISIS, he continues to repeat that nonsense. Only now, he is adding a twist - alleged death threats.

Rebecca Nelson, writing for the National Journal, covers Walker's latest act of bogus bravado:

On the Hugh Hewitt radio show Wednesday, the Wisconsin governor and probable presidential candidate expounded on his controversial comments last month comparing his experience with union protesters to how he'd face the terrorist group the Islamic State. "If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world," he said at CPAC, referring to the ultimately unsuccessful union-led effort to recall him in 2012.

"It's about leadership," Walker told Hewitt Wednesday. "The closest thing that I can compare to the type of pressure the next president's going to be under is what I went through four years ago with not just the protest, but the death threats, with the intimidation, with all the interruptions, with the recall, and all the things that happened. And we didn't back down."

Let's take a look at the threats he faced down, shall we?

In his pre-campaign memoir, "Unintimidated," Walker claimed that those darn ISIS-like protesters surrounded the state patrol squad car he was in and beat on the windows and shook the car. In a later interview, Walker said he was afraid for his life.

But even PolitiFact couldn't find a way to defend this indefensible lie;

Yet we could find no mention of the car rocking incident before the book came out Nov. 19, 2013.

Beyond the book itself and related public statements, there was no concrete evidence provided by Walker’s office, despite numerous inquiries by PolitiFact.

Local police, journalists at the scene, and people from the company and the crowd do not recall seeing Walker’s car rocked or banged upon. And no one involved in news coverage, local law enforcement or witnesses reported seeing a truck blocking the car from leaving.

Finally, in a recent interview, Walker toned down his description of the incident.

Based on the available information, we think the book’s depiction of what happened -- an organized effort to prevent Walker from leaving that placed him in direct danger -- is False.

Another tale that Walker likes to tell his that some unidentified person or persons had threatened to gut his wife, Tonette, like a deer. However, there seems to be no record of that either:

The newspaper later asked specifically for records of the “gut her like a deer” threat, but the Department of Administration said it could not locate any. DOA spokesman Cullen Werwie said in January that, based on the recollection of Capitol Police Chief David Erwin, then a captain in the governor’s Dignitary Protection Unit, “no record was created” of the threat.

In fact, when it came to all the threats Walker actually did receive, it was rather lackluster (emphasis mine):

It’s also unclear whether the threat was ever investigated as others were. The state Department of Justice documented dozens of threats against Walker, his family, and Democratic and Republican lawmakers during protests over Walker’s 2011 proposal to effectively eliminate collective bargaining for public sector employees and the recall elections that followed. The threats were made by email, letter, phone, verbally and via social media like Twitter and Facebook.

While police routinely followed up on the threats, only six led to investigations by the DOJ’s Division of Criminal Investigation. Just one was prosecuted.

In other words, as long as ISIS doesn't go beyond old ladies singing or bogeymen under our beds, Walker's got our backs.

I can't wait until he tells the one about how Reagan's ghost taught him how to throw his body on piles of cash from bribes so that he can protect us from poor people.

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