The MoJo crew were clutching their pearls this morning because Hillary spoke the truth about GOP pro-forced birth madness.
August 28, 2015

The Morning Joe crew simply lost their marbles today, because the only Presidential Candidate held to any standard, Hillary Clinton, spoke truth to power about the GOP candidates' stance on women's health issues. She compared them with the terrorists who share similar positions on abortion.

“Now extreme views on women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups, we expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world, but it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States.”

When a ten year old is raped by her step-father and Republicans cheer because she is forced to birth the rapist's baby, while a woman who may suffer an ectopic pregnancy (2% of all pregnancies) will not be allowed to have the life-saving operation/abortion, I'd say HELL YES! These people are acting like insane, misogynist terrorists. These policies will take women straight to the hills of ISIS-controlled Syria.

Oh, but not Jihad Joe Scarborough's lapdog, Mika Brzezinski. She just thought this was 'a bridge too far.' Her master, Joe, called Hillary's comments 'disgusting.' Both Richard Haass and Sam Stein also concurred. But the other GOP cheerleader on the panel said something so laden with amnesia and myopia, it was stunning.

Mark Halperin said that

'if Republicans compared Democrats to terrorists, the country would come to a halt and it should be condemned in strong terms. I suspect she may take it back today.'

Really?? Apparently he just came to this country because he, like all Republican ass-kissers, forgot the entire Bush Administration. I remember Cheney and his minions always accusing Democrats of being on the side of the terrorists. This is from 2006 from the Dark Lord Cheney himself:

The vice president said U.S. allies in Afghanistan and Iraq "have doubts" the United States will finish the job there. "And those doubts are encouraged, obviously, when they see the kind of debate that we've had in the United States," he said. "Suggestions, for example, that we should withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq simply feed into that whole notion, validates the strategy of the terrorists."

After Halperin's tantrum, Joe clutched the pearls for dear life.

'Do you know what the most disgusting part of this is? She was Reading. Her. Notes! This was planned!'

Sam Stein did manage to get in the Huckabee remark about marching Jews to the doors of the ovens when he blasted President Obama over the Iran Deal, but that doesn't count. He tried to explain that this next government shutdown that the Right is planning will target Planned Parenthood. This is not the time or the place for reality, Sam. Sit there and be quiet.

Halperin and Scarborough say that to remain the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary is going 90 miles an hour. Mark and Mika are just giddy about the email 'scandal' and Mika mentions the 60% untrustworthy poll that really doesn't change the fact that she's destroying the GOP with America's current demographic.

As if all this wasn't nauseating enough, the topic changed to Trump, who they had on later for a nice reach-around. Jihad Joe said that this is far more outrageous than Trump tossing Jorge Ramos out of a conference, calling Mexicans murderers and rapists and saying that Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her 'wherever.'

Comparing forced birth insanity to terrorism is not even 1% as outrageous as Trump's idiotic ravings. Besides, as far as the controversy with Megyn Kelly is concerned, the Fox News' 'defense' of their star talent is going to backfire, as their misogynist behavior is something of a constant and this will not last. Apparently, it's not just Fox 'News' leading the misogyny charge. Morning Joe is trying to become the new place for deplorable conduct towards women, especially Democrats. Mika's groaning and moaning over Hillary's truthful statement was beyond the pale. Next time, have some respect for yourself, Mika!

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