News Hounds: Our Megyn Kelly Hate Mail
Credit: DonkeyHotey
August 17, 2015

Fox News is not the only one being bombarded with pro-Trump/anti-Megyn Kelly emails.

Regular readers know that we often receive email from people who think they are writing to Fox News. Ever since the Fox News Republican primary debate, we've gotten more than usual. And they almost all say the thing, not always in different ways. Below are just some of the many we have received.

As usual, names and other identifying information have been redacted. Spelling, grammar and punctuation have been left intact.

Received August 15, 2015:

Donald Trump ???

Big mistake having Megan Kelly try to take down Trump. She said she will not apologize for good journalism. How about ask Trump questions about the issues. She makes me sick. I will not watch Fox News until she apologizes. The conservatives are pissed and rightfully so. Roger Ailes better watch himself if he picks a fight with Trump. We conservatives have had enough of the establishment and want change. If Roger wants a fight then the people will decide about him and whether we watch Fox anymore. Megan has to go or at the very least apologize for not being "fair and balanced" with her questions. I will not apologize for good journalism has to be the worst quote I have ever heard from a journalist that only attacked one candidate. Tell her to resign and go work with the establishment candidate Jeb Bush. She would fit right in with those losers. (name redacted) ( a conservative wanting Change ).

Received August 14, 2015:

Megyn Kelly Unprofessional Actions and Continued Behavior

Roger Ailes - While I have many disagreement with Trump's tenets and will not vote for him, Meygn Kelly's "journalistic" style must have been learned in some back alley rather than in any professional capacity.

Her total actions, Howard Sterns, magazines, etc., has done more damage and set back women's rights than any single comments by Trump, et al.

Perhaps a few more remedial courses in professional journalism is in order.

If she was a man, she probably would have been fired for her actions.

Something that Fox News should consider.

Received August 11, 2015:

NO to Kelly and Wallace, YES to Baier

I was so disappointed in Megyn Kelly's performance and behavior during the GOP debate. I was also disappointed in Chris Wallace, even though I suspected it of him. Bret Baier was the only professional among the three. Kelly, and Wallace to a certain extent, exhibited behaviors common to MSNBC liberal-left wingers. Some of the questions asked by Kelly were ridiculous. I cannot allow myself to watch Kelly and Wallace in the future.

Received August 10, 2015:

No longer an avid FOX viewer!!!!

I have been watching FOX news for years, but since the debacle you call a debate I have tuned out, and tuned in to CNN, which I never thought would happen. It began with The Five when Dana Perino was so angry and condescending to Eric Bolling, when it was so evident she was pushing Jeb Bush... so I stopped watching The Five. However, the last straw was the condescending questions and attitude that Megyn Kelly gave Donald Trump. With all the immense problems in the world, Kelly started with the stupidest question I've ever heard from a news person, and I WAS a great fan of The Kelly File. My email may not mean much to you, but I'm pretty sure it represents many others of the same opinion. It opened my eyes to see that FOX is indeed NOT fair and balanced! Good-bye FOX!

Received August 10, 2015:

Fire Megyn Kelly

Please stop insulting our intelligence with Megyn Kelly. Kelly is the least professional of your female news people. Kelly always has a bad attitude, a chip on her shoulder, and seems ever on the verge of a childish tantrum. Worse than that, her analysis is off-point and overly emotional. Kelly is certainly no Greta. Do we really need a dumb blonde showing her legs? Do the network and viewers us a favor, and dump Kelly.

On a related matter: I'm no Trump fan, but you must admit, he is amazing. Seems like everything Trump does causes him to rise in the polls. Being excluded from a "Conservative" gathering is a badge of honor. Trump will be further endeared to voters, especially after he was stupidly attacked by the quintessential dumb blonde and pig, Megyn Kelly. Kelly behaved like an angry, hysterical school girl, as she does much of the time. Kelly is not a pro like Greta and other Fox reporters. Kelly's questions were irrelevant, because Trump insults everyone, men and women. Kelly certainly helped Trump's campaign.

By the way, I got at least four emails with the exact same wording as the one above.

This one, received August 8, 2015, was my favorite:

FOX News - Debate


You and Fox news used a very poor debate agenda. What happened to fair and balanced? I'm not a Trump fan and I'm not happy with his obvious chauvanistic ways. However, he has a valid opinion on several subjects the Republicans and Democrats refuse to address; National Debt, Immigration, Obama care, ect. The reason I and many Americans watch and listen to Fox News is to get the truth and not a Republican agenda. We're conservatives, beholding only to a party that holds to conservative values and agenda. Fox is now trying to duplicate the mainstream media, by baiting Trump. Let him speak, he'll change the political process and agenda. I've watched the debate twice and it was obvious you and Fox news have very poor baiting tactics, used to push Trump out of the race.

When Fox pushes an agenda, everyone loses.

Sincerely, (name redacted) An American Conservative.

Out of about 30 emails received about the debate, not one was supportive of Kelly. As I've said before, I think these people are blaming the messenger here. Believe me, she did not go rogue with her debate questions. If Fox viewers are angry, they should be aiming their enmity at the top brass which surely approved if not encouraged Kelly.

Graphic of Megyn Kelly by DonkeyHotey

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