John Oliver Chastises Secret Service For Wasting Time Trying To Embarrass Jason Chaffetz


Last Week Tonight's John Oliver wondered why the Secret Service was wasting their time trying to make an ass out of Rep. Jason Chaffetz when the man was already doing such a wonderful job of that on his own.

Apparently the Secret Service was leaking unflattering information about the Congressman's rejection from the agency some years ago, but as Oliver noted, they could have just waited for him to take care of that problem for them without an ounce of their help.

OLIVER: That's right. The Secret Service attempted to embarrass one of their biggest critics, Congressman Jason Chaffetz, by leaking his rejected application to join them, essentially behaving like the high school table of mean girls.


And I don't know what's worse here. The fact that the Secret Service is so petty that they broke the law to embarrass Jason Chaffetz, or that they're so stupid, they didn't realize, if you want to embarrass Jason Chaffetz, just wait, and he will do it for you.

Oliver followed up with a clip of Chaffetz getting owned by Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, when he tried to roll out the chart that was given to him by an extremist anti-abortion group and pretend it was his office's own work, only to be called out by Richards about where it came from, along with some other footage of Chaffetz's greatest hits.

It seems he wasn't done yet this Sunday when he announced his intention to run for Speaker on Faux "news": Republicans In Disarray As Jason Chaffetz Announces Run For Speaker Then Dodges Questions:

When Rep. Jason Chaffetz announced his candidacy for Speaker, the dysfunction in the Republican Party hit an all new high, as the Utah Republican dodged questions and refused to say what he would do if he were elected Speaker.

Details, schmetails. Who needs specifics when you've got fearmongering and platitudes to run on?

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