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Larry Wilmore Hits Fox For 'Journalistic Knee-Jerking' Over Black Lives Matter

The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore took a whack at what he called "journalistic knee-jerking" over the Black Lives Matter movement at Fox.

The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore took a whack at the talking heads over on Faux "news" for "journalistic knee-jerking" and their rush to blame the Black Lives Matter movement for the death of an Illinois police officer that turned out to actually be a suicide.

Fox of course tried to pretend that they correctly reported the story in a timely manner, but as Wilmore pointed out, there was a good eleven days where all of the usual suspects on their network used the officer's death to attack BLM for supposedly being responsible for anti-police violence. After showing a clip of O'Reilly's stooge, Jesse Watters saying that "Democrats have created a monster," Wilmore responded.

WILMORE: You created the monster! No, no, no. See, this is how it works. Now, I'm admitting that there is a monster. There's no f**king monster, and if there is one, it's not Black Lives Matter. It's the monster you're creating with your propaganda.

Wilmore went onto explain the definition of this phenomena he calls "journalistic knee-jerking":

1. Noun

The act of using a news story to advance your agenda before you have all the facts, thus basing your whole bulls**t argument on a false premise.

Or in other words what Fox does with just about every story day in and day out.

Of course Fox could not leave it at just criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement, they had to pile on and find a way to blame President Obama as well, with one after the other of their anchors complaining about why he hadn't weighed in and validated their fake outrage over the story yet.

WILMORE: That's because you made this up! Why don't you put this together? This is beautiful. It really is beautiful. This is the feedback loop part of the jerking... a circle jerk if you will.

Let's be clear about something. Black Lives Matter wants cops to stop killing unarmed black people. That's a criticism of police, not a call to kill them. Can't we just have an adult conversation about this?

Wilmore went onto explain how it's possible to have two ideas exist in your head at the same time and respect for the job that police do everyday while still criticizing the problems with some of them and the fact that they aren't all perfect.

Don't expect the same from Fox any time soon.

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