Bad Christmas Emails - A Walker Tradition
December 15, 2015

Two years ago, Scott Walker made national and international headlines when he sent out the infamous Black Friday email in which he told people to forgo buying their children Christmas presents and to send the money to his campaign instead.

Give that even though Walker's presidential campaign was extremely short-lived, he managed to rack up over a million dollars in debt, I was sure that he would do another boneheaded Christmastime fundraising email.

I was not disappointed.

Although not as outrageous as the email from two years ago, the email that Walker sent out Sunday morning was still enough to leave one shaking their head in disbelief:


Though our 2016 presidential campaign ended sooner than we would have liked, we are so very grateful for the support you gave us. Thank you again for believing in our conservative cause.

Tonette, Matt, Alex, and I are very fortunate to have met many wonderful people during the campaign and consider the entire experience a blessing. Working with conservative supporters like you, we were able to bring many important issues into the national spotlight.

“Now what?”

This is a question I have been asked a lot and I am happy to answer …

First, we are right back in the thick of things pushing big, bold reforms in the state Capitol where we are as committed as ever to putting conservative principles to work. Our proven reforms have been a model for other states to follow and we will continue to improve upon and build upon those reforms in the months and years to come.

Second, we are working to make good on our “Walker for America” campaign debt. Running a presidential campaign is a big undertaking and in the final weeks of our campaign, we incurred an unavoidable campaign debt. We are slowly but surely making good on this debt because it is the right thing to do. Actually, it’s the only thing to do.

Your contribution of $10, $35, $50, $100, $250, or more right now will help us pay down this campaign debt and officially close the books on our 2016 campaign. And if you contribute $30 or more in the next three days, we will send you a limited edition lapel pin.


Just like our Wisconsin reform agenda, our 2016 presidential campaign was big and bold and that is why we are still in the red. I do not regret anything but I would regret letting down the many vendors and small businesses that extended credit to our campaign in good faith. You were with us every step of the way during the campaign and I hope you will help again today.

Remember, if you contribute $30 or more in the next three days to help us erase this lingering debt, we will send you a limited edition lapel pin as a token of our appreciation.

Thanks for pitching in this one last time.

Scott Walker

P.S. Our grassroots campaign was built on the support of thousands of conservatives like you. Your contribution will help our campaign end on a good note so we are ready for whatever God has planned for us next.

So for just $30, you can help bail out Walker and get a cheap 50 cent trinket with a logo swiped from America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses. What a bargain!

To add to the buffoonery, Ted Cruz decided to schmooze up to both of Walker's remaining supporters by tweeting Walker's plea for money.

I'll give Walker credit for one thing though.

In his email, he said that the reason his campaign was in the red was because it was big and bold, just like what he did to Wisconsin. And like Walker's campaign, he's put the state in a huge fiscal mess as well.

Sadly, big and bold debt, while a Republican staple, is no way to run a campaign or a state. Or a nation, for that matter.

For those that want to see for themselves, here is a screencap of the email:



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