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Snow Snookie Strung Some Words Together For Us

Help me translate them, please.
Snow Snookie Strung Some Words Together For Us
Image from: DonkeyHotey

Hat tip to the inimitable Charlie Pierce for the heads-up about Snow Snookie Sarah Palin writing some words on her Facebook page. I'm still trying to understand how someone this stupid was actually (almost) one old man away from having her hands on the button.

Gov't Isn't Sifting Pro-Americans From Those Following Sharia Law, Which Conflicts With, and Actually HATES, Our Constitution and Ethics. SHARIA LAW DESTROYS AMERICA
So understand the gist of a temporary ban on those unvetted, just like Jimmy Carter was praised for doing during the Iran crisis. Remember? (Make liberals and RINOs explain their praise for that action, while blistering today's proposal by Donald Trump to do the same.) Think, America! This is an American security issue, not a religious issue. Trump and Rand Paul are appropriately explaining this despite a "politically correct" uninformed cultural (and White House) filter that's used by the media to keep low-information voters in the dark. You're smarter than they give you credit for, America. And you certainly deserve better. Thank you for seeking truth! I hope to prove more "truth" on CNN next week. (Stand by for that.)

There's only one problem here. I can't really understand WTF she's talking about. There's words, and they're on a page, and they probably say something. But as far I can tell, whatever it is they say is pretty meaningless.

The words just slither onto the page, willy-nilly, needing to mean nothing at all.

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