January 19, 2016

It's been common knowledge for quite some time that Senator Ted Cruz was born in Canada and his natural born citizen status has been in question. There's no one farther to the Right, ideologically, than Ted Cruz, yet there are some in his own party who question his eligibility, along with the eligibility of the current president and anyone who isn't ethnically purely White. World Net Daily's Jerome Corsi, birther extraordinaire, sat down with Alan Colmes who asked the question we've all wanted to know:

'So will you be going after Cruz the same way you've gone after Obama for 'not being born here...? '

Now that Donald Trump has decided to go full throttle in pursuit of this birther argument, it seems it's gaining steam. Technically, if Cruz's parents were both Canadian citizens at the time of his birth, he is not a natural born citizen. It's infuriating that until Trump, who has lied about so much, gives attention to a matter, the media virtually ignores it.

What's interesting is that someone has uncovered evidence that substantiates the claim that Cruz is ineligible to run for POTUS, and it's looking less and less likely that Ted Cruz is a natural born U.S. citizen. Regarding circumstances surrounding his birth:

Even if (Cruz's mom) her first husband was not Canadian, according to Canadian law, she would still have automatically become a Canadian citizen in 1969 after having a Canadian spouse (Ted's Father) and residing in Canada for 1 year. This information substantiates the reports claiming that both of his parents appeared on the Canadian voter's rolls. There is now an unconfirmed claim that someone has supposedly verified that they indeed both voted in the October of 1972 federal Canadian election.

If both of Ted's parents became exclusive citizens of Canada by 1969, then even if his mother tried to file a CRBA, she would not have been able to confer US citizenship to her son as she was no longer a US citizen herself. Even if she somehow retained US citizenship, Ted could not have been granted dual citizenship as it was against Canadian law. (until it was amended in 1977)

Corsi won't give up on Obama's eligibility, although it's cooled off substantially from his earlier days including a 2008 appearance on a White Supremacist's radio show. As predicted, Corsi is still insisting that we need to see the 'original' birth certificate, no matter how many times Alan explained that we've seen ample evidence. However, we know for a fact that President Obama's mom was always an American citizen, and we can't irrefutably claim the same thing for Ted Cruz's mom. This is far from over, and will not be dropped until it is heard by a high court, there's no question about that.

Corsi's quest for the resolution of the claim of Cruz's natural-born citizenship will only be satisfied when the Supreme Court decides Cruz's case. He claims that his wacky book regarding the eligibility of POTUS is still selling and will continue to sell. He thinks that Marco Rubio also has problems, even if he was born in the United States. His contention is that both of Rubio's parents weren't citizens, and a 'natural-born citizen' is born in the U.S. to citizen parent(s).

A man like Jerome Corsi is really not that unusual for a far-right wingnut, the likes of whom seem to have multiplied during the Obama Presidency. Some members of the older, Republican, White demographic are breaking the 11th Commandment of Reagan. Apparently to some, preserving White supremacy is more important than Republicans protecting their own.

Some say that this case does have legs. Until Cruz produces that CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) in order for him to have "become" a US citizen at birth in 1970, PLUS, he needs to show proof that his mother retained U.S. citizenship at the time of his birth, he is a natural-born Canadian. If anyone in any party deserves this excessive scrutiny, it's Ted Cruz, the man who shut the U.S. government down in 2013 for no good reason and cost us billions of dollars.

If this all pans out in favor of those wishing to discredit Cruz's eligibility, he may not even be eligible to be a U.S. Senator either. That might be a silver lining to the cloud of GOP Candidates. Corsi's claim that Rubio is a questionable citizen is, however, certifiably insane.

H/T to Sue In Rockville

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