Trevor Noah: The Only Thing Palin Hates More Than Obama Is Punctuation


It seems there's at least one person that enjoyed Sarah Palin's flame throwing, rambling word salad of an endorsement this week -- Daily Show host Trevor Noah. All I know is that sitting through even part of it again was starting to immediately give me a headache after being subjected to listening to the entire twenty minutes when it aired live.

I did however, enjoy some of Noah's reaction to Snow Snooki, and here's a taste:

NOAH: What? That is amazing! She's all over the place. Like, it's not even human. It's like the only thing Sarah Palin hates more than Obama is punctuation. Nobody talks like that! It's almost like she's a malfunctioning robot. [...]

It's like a bag of Scrabble tiles that grew a body and came to life.

Noah also took a shot at her for her ridiculous statement that Donald Trump "spent his life with the working man."

NOAH: He spent his life with the working man? Telling him what to do. That what she forgot to add in there and secondly, why is she talking to Iowans like they're cavemen?

My guess is because they're Republicans who like Trump and Palin, but what do I know? Noah thought the funniest part of the whole thing was the fact that Trump stood there the entire time nodding his head and pretending he understood what Palin was saying and wrapped things up by comparing Trump's little show standing behind her to someone trying to make sense of the rantings of a professional wrestler.


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