May 20, 2016

Kim Davis poked her head out from under a rock this week to discuss her obsession with liberals, gays, and shoving objects down others' throats.

This week's episode involves her self-justification for not complying with the law of the land in order to avoid swallowing.

"I was obeying my law," she insisted. "I had couples bring in the whole Supreme Court ruling and I said, 'You know, I really don't need to see this because that's not a law, that's a ruling' [and they'd say] 'Well, why won't you do this?' And so then I go to the Bible and I'd tell them, [and they'd respond,] 'Don't be reading me the Bible.' Well, you asked why I couldn't issue you a marriage license and I'm explaining to you, I'm showing you why I cannot. They didn't want to hear that though. They wanted to shove that paper down my throat and make me eat it for my dinner."

Hey! Dana Milbank ate his column last week, and didn't even need a Supreme Court decision to prompt him. I understand it was delicious.

But actually, Kimmy, we just wanted you to comply with the laws of the government you are paid to serve, or step the hell down and let law-abiding citizens take over for you.

At the height of the debate over the Affordable Care Act, every Republican in the House and Senate went on Fox News and to the floor of the House and Senate to claim Democrats were "shoving this terrible health care law down the throats of the American people."

They did the same with Dodd-Frank. They routinely claim that liberals are "shoving climate change" down their throats too.

But nothing -- nothing -- stimulates the shoving impulse on conservatives' parts like a discussion of LGBT rights, whether it be marriage, serving in the military, or which bathroom to use.

I think perhaps they're projecting.

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