July 6, 2016

Remember 2007? It was quite a tough year, and deservedly so, for the Bush Administration. Much of the nation, aside from those living in the GOP Bubble, were weary of a criminal administration whose intent and conduct were hardly lawful. No one in the GOP or on GOP-TV, especially Martha Raddatz, co host of America's Newsroom on Fox 'News,' remembers this colossal SNAFU:

Responding to congressional demands for emails in connection with its investigation into the partisan firing of eight U.S. attorneys, the White House announced that as many as five million emails, covering a two-year span, had been lost.

Yet, Hillary's emails were examined with a fine tooth comb, but rewind to 2007, 5,000,000 emails were lost or deleted with nary a peep. Sounds fair.

But she's not free of scrutiny yet, nor will she ever be. The GOP-appointed director of the FBI, James Comey, uttered these words yesterday, and they weren't popular in the party of Drumpf.

COMEY: In looking back at our investigations, into the mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts.

The son of a Jewish liberal from San Francisco, this Mormon convert and Brigham Young Univ. graduate, is also Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. But he's cool, because he's affectionately known to his young hip constituents as @JasonintheHouse. A little more about Jason, before we get to Comey/Clinton Part MCMXXIX: Thanks to Digby.

Chaffetz started off as a Jewish Democrat, then converted to Mormonism during his last year of college in Utah — and Republicanism when former President Ronald Reagan was hired as a motivational speaker for Nu Skin, the “multi-level marketing” company (think Amway) which employed Chaffetz for a decade before he entered politics.

It's not too hard to grasp the type of opportunistic charlatan Chaffetz truly is. Like all his colleagues, he wants another email do-over. When Republicans don't get what they want, there is no amount of debt too great to saddle the American people with in order to launch another frivolous probe into this wannabe scandal. Fiscal conservatives, you know.

Chaffetz spoke with Martha about his latest scheme to cost the taxpayers millions. He could justify the expense two ways: under the lying for the lord clause of his 'faith.' and the GOP exception to any ethics based on the well-known tenet IOKIYAR which is always applicable.

RADDATZ: good to have you with us this morning

CHAFFETZ: morning!

RADDATZ: what has the communication been with James Comey about this hearing and when do you expect it to happen?

CHAFFETZ: I did have a conversation with him yesterday followed up by having a text interaction with him, and we have invited him to participate. He indicated that the best time for him would be Thursday so we anticipate Thursday at ten a.m. we should have the FBI director in front of the Oversight Committee.

The GOP was pleased with Comey's acerbic rebuke of Hillary's 'reckless' conduct and his words were replayed ad nauseum, to show his personal distaste of her carelessness, even if the classification was retroactive. Since Comey made this opinion known, the GOP believes there's still hope that they will get a magical indictment reversal. Comey's appearance tomorrow is just what the doctor ordered, especially if it's Doctor Seuss writing the orders.

Warning: this next statement, coming from a GOP apologist like Chaffetz, can be harmful to your well-being. Hold on tight to your jaw, lest you suffer a painful injury when it hits the floor.

CHAFFETZ: I think the American people deserve to be able to see this. You know we're different in this nation. We're open, we're transparent that's what we are and we learned from these, these issues and try to make it better and if somehow, somebody is dealing with classified information for years at a time and putting people in harm's way, and yet, still not prosecuted the law probably needs to be updated or they're not properly applying the law and that's, that's why we need to explore this.

In case that slew of lies doesn't gross you out, remember, Chaffetz has quite a track record of being opaque in his interpretation of 'the law.' He led the charge against Planned Parenthood based on that criminally fraudulent video; he was quick to cover up an incriminating photo during the Benghazi BS hearings, he led the charge to impeach President Obama for god knows what reason, and he's a vehement opponent of gay marriage, of course he is.

The irony most shocking about Chaffetz's excitement over Comey coming in again and explaining his decision was rather contradictory to what he said exactly one month ago,

So Much For THAT!


Perhaps today may have annoyed you as it did me? Could it be a day filled with listening to Trump bitch about mosquitos, or maybe it was Mormon-in-the-House, Chaffetz sanctimoniously claiming to be the leader of the next generation of truth-seekers? Those were pretty awful, but the hands-down champion of the world had to be given to Morning Joe, or as our esteemed editor and contributor, Heather so aptly names the show, Morning Jihad. I did not expect to witness the newly rekindled romance between Donald Trump, Squint, a.k.a.Jihad Joe, The 'Meat Puppet' -Mika and Mark 'Assume the Position' Halperin' providing us with a prelude to the most bile-inducing gangbang ever to haunt the worst acid trip of all time. Yes, all this can cause a little exasperation.

Today, I decided to indulged in the letter P to relieve my Chaffetz PTSD. Here's a few phrases to describe this prodigious prevaricator of post-afterlife Insurance policies pyramid schemes(LDS Cult) who never fails to perversely preach his pretentious, pious perfidy with the perfect proportion of punchable pomposity. The former punter and the proselytizing persecutor of marriage equality, Chaffetz is nothing more than a pestiferous, pustulant, pernicious, war-profiteering, profligate, pissant of a putz.

H/T @Yanquetino for your tireless work on providing a wealth of evidence that justly critiques the LDS Cult. Insidious and abusive, the often homophobic, ammosexual and very judgemental faith is laden with abuses, which affords a climate where unspoken evil flourish like no other secret society: pedophilia, welfare abuse, polygamy and a culture of lost boys often cast aside as undeserving.

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