July 23, 2016

Herr Drumpenführer, the reincarnation of Benito Mussolini, displayed, in his RNC acceptance 'speech,' the darkest demagoguery in well over half a century. He said, 'I have a message for all of you that crime and violence that afflicts our nation will soon, and I mean very soon, come to an end.' I shudder at the thought of the Trump-gestapo that will accomplish this herculean task.

Trump's words were enough convincing for Tucker Carlson and his anti-elitist media protégé, Ryan Girdusky (Ryan's Twitter feed is straight from the bizarro world of reality). He hails from the media giant, Red Alert Politics, and both he and Carlson were shocked at the backlash from crazy leftists like The Washington Post, Rachel Maddow and CBS.

I wonder if Ryan is aware of the meaning of 'Red Alert' from the holy era of St. Ronnie? I doubt he's aware of much based on his convoluted assessment of criticism of the Drumpf acceptance speech. He and Carlson were apoplectic over the excoriation of the speech as a dark display of fascist pessimism.

Girdusky claims that the writers at the Washington Post don't 'have to worry about illegal immigrants killing their kid, if they have children, at over-flooded public schools.' 'They're better than that now.' (That being the Ohio neighborhoods that they lived from (sic)). The paranoid victimhood only worsened.

CARLSON: When did the press decide it was their role to protect the prerogatives of American elites? I thought they were supposed to be opposing power, questioning power, not sucking up to it.

GIRDUSKY: It's the same group of people who ALWAYS accuse Republicans of fear-mongering but then mention David Duke every thirty seconds that they possibly can. Um, these are the people who have a ventured (sic) interest in making sure that Americans have this over-hyphened (sic) sense of reality when it comes to issues of race, of gender, and sex and race-baiting and angry cops and they'll never feature a story where the perpetrator doesn't fit the narrative.

In one of Tucker's more quintessentially Tuckerish moments, followed that rant by claiming this next clip could supplant the definition of hysteria. He berated Rachel Maddow's opinion of the speech, which was widely concurred by a great majority of respectable journalists. She essentially called the Trump-tastrophe a red-faced, angry, dark speech, praising David Duke. The address was a 'gateway drug' to the Duke-ian, klanish transformation of Drumpenführer's GOP.

'No one has ever mentioned David Duke in my life,' said the Palinesque wordsmith-in-chief of Red State Alert. He's been to Republican Party meetings, and he's never heard any such talk. Strangely enough, Duke is running for a Senate seat in Louisiana and said so, himself. Yet, Girdusky tries desperately to invalidate any associations between Duke and Drumpf because the Talking Yam has 'a Jewish daughter.'

He frenetically disavows the toxic climate fostered by the latest RNC and the reason for the gross misinterpretation of the greatness of Drumpf? "It's always 1939 in these people's worldview."

Carlson says that the economic policies of Trump, which are unbeknownst to us except for those essential tax cuts for the über-wealthy, are not only ignored by the leftist haters, but are misconstrued. That's because they are hardly 'conservative', they're 'kinda left wing.' Tucker also had to harp on the fact that critics call him a racist, which is hardly unfathomable, unless you're in the right wing bubble like Tucker and his new BFF Ryan.

CBS said his speech focused more on threats than hope, there was no uplift, and there was no bridge to reaching other constituencies. The reaction by the two deluded Republicans was predictable. Girdusky was perplexed that people don't see the automatic optimism of his tagline, Make America Great Again, never mind the White Nationalism inherent in that slogan, so he wonders how can the speech be viewed as 'dark or dystopian?'

Girdusky actually thinks the largely right wing Sunday morning talk shows feature too many of these 'elitists' who "sit there and say if you want to make it to our level, you have to hate all of this, and you will eventually." They simply do not reflect the conversations regular people are having at their dining room tables. Has he seen the statistics for who's on the Sunday AM shows? It's irrelevant to mention that, as reality and statistics matter not one iota to these fact-assassins.

The final evidence for serious psychological intervention with Carlson was apparent with his closing remarks:

The only reason Trump exists is because the people that run this country hate its population.

The only conclusion I can draw from that is that hate created Trump, so we need to stop hating Trump? Does it really matter if it makes sense, anyway?

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