The New Trump Supporter Battle Cry: “Hang That B*tch!”
July 7, 2016

Trump supporters have crossed over from angry, rioting, racists to angry, rioting racists who are now wishing for the death of the Democratic candidate. Yes, you read that right.

Jared Yates Sexton recently attended a Trump rally in Greensboro, NC and reported that he heard chants where Hillary Clinton was called a "bitch." Not shocking. She is a successful woman and nothing annoys a group of Republicans than a woman. Ok, they are also annoyed by gay people, people of color, anyone of a different religion, the disabled, etc. But a smart woman, a Democrat nonetheless, really gets to them.

Following the FBI and DOJ legally sound decision that no criminal charges were warranted in relation to emailgate, the supporters have become almost as unhinged as their leader. Their newest chant?

"Hang that bitch"

Sexton reports that he heard this chant at a rally in Raleigh this past Tuesday night. Trump, emboldened by the demented and furious crowd, screamed:

“Today is the best evidence ever, that we’ve seen, that our system is absolutely, totally rigged.”

Audience response?

Now we have been reduced to throngs of angry Trump supporters actually calling for the death of a presidential candidate? And why? Because she is beating their candidate? Because she is more competent? Because she is smarter and more successful? Because she is a woman?

Do any of those reasons warrant her death?

Did Trump stop those chants? No. He smiled. A gleeful, happy, psychopathic smile of a man who enjoys riling up crowds, encouraging violence (implied or actual) and loves winning at all costs. Would her death bother him? Did the death of 49 innocent people in Orlando bother him? No, that was a chance for him to declare he was "right" about terrorism.

American deserves better.

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