July 13, 2016

Tonight on CNN, Wolf Blitzer had Reince Preibus on to continue his nationwide "bash Hillary, defend the racist, orange faced shit gibbon" tour. Tonight's topic? A segment where Hillary Clinton says the following:

"The killing of people is somehow all about him"

Wolf asks Reince if she has a point. Reince tap dances around the answer and jumps into the following classic deflection, moving the goal post tried and true GOP tactic of providing a non-answer answer

Reince: No, I think she is just, vicious and taking rhetoric to a level that is in the gutter. I don't think she should politicize these things. It's amazing to me how she talked about toning down the rhetoric, but her entire speech was nothing but rhetoric...I think she should worry about telling the truth to federal investigators and quit lying to the American people...anyone that lies to the FBI and has the FBI Director tell the whole world that she is a bonafied liar in regards to national secrets..."

Wolf jumps in:

Blitzer: A couple of points, Reince...the FBI Director, James Comey, said she didn't lie to the FBI because that would have been a crime....

Priebus: : Fair enough....but but...

Then Wolf explains that Hillary was only reading Trump's own words about how the system is rigged against him and not that she was spewing vitriol. Reince, noticeably uncomfortable, tries to explain his way out of it.

Priebus: Hillary is the person on the face of the Earth who should be talking about rhetoric that is out of control, about a person who didn't tell the truth to the American people...she lied about confidential information, she is lying to the American people...

Blitzer: I was making the point that she didn't lie to the FBI....

Nice to see a journalist actually fact check someone from the GOP on the spot and not let them keep lying. Although, that bar is set pretty low for CNN these days.

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