September 12, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his surrogates continue to promote the idea that the general election is already "rigged" against him and he extended that conspiracy to the upcoming presidential debates.

On CNBC' Squawk Box, Donald Trump claims the debates will be "rigged" because Matt Lauer got heavily criticized over his performance during the commander In Chief Forum on MSNBC.

Trump said, "As far as the debates are concerned, and the system is being gamed because everybody said I won the so-called forum that your group put on, but they all said I won and that Matt Lauer was easy on me, and he wasn't."

He continued, "I think he was professional and has been treated unfairly, and they all said I won so when I go into the debate, I will be treated very, very unfairly by the moderators."

Trump went on a tangent about how Bobby Knight worked the referees to get better calls and that's what will happen now.

Gee, it sounds like Trump is the one imitating Bobby Knight, doesn't it?

Trump uses paranoia to rile up his followers and deflect any criticisms he may receive for his behavior and he uses it as a weapon to try and tilt the process in his favor.

Donald followed that up with a call for no debate moderators because now they can't be trusted.

Donald proclaimed, "They're gaming the system and I think we should have no moderators."

Trump uses a magic Eight Ball for all his predictions and it's never wrong.

He went on, "Let Hillary and I sit there and just debate because I think the system is being rigged so it's going to be a very unfair debate."

"I can see it happening right now because everybody was saying 'he was soft on Trump,' well now the new person is going to try and be really hard on Trump just to show the establishment what he can do. So, I think it's very unfair what they are doing. So, I think we should have a debate with no moderator, just Hillary and I sitting there talking."

That's called a conversation and not a presidential debate, Donald. And with you as one of the participants, it's sure to be a bullying, one-sided, substance-less affair. But good luck working the refs so your deplorable followers, as well as the media sycophants at Fox, will call you the winner no matter what happens.


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