September 15, 2016

As Blue Gal and I discussed on last week's Professional Left podcast, we have solved the riddle of how the bigoted GOP party base is going to rebrand themselves this time. They already used up "Conservative" and "Independent", and even Joe Scarborough is no longer pretending that "The Tea Party" was ever anything but a massive scam staged for the benefits of the the same, old deplorable dregs on the Right, which (as one despised Liberal scoundrel once colorfully described it):

Like German soldiers after the fall of Berlin...have stopped running away from the catastrophe they created only long enough to burn their uniforms.

So what now?

Well, it's obvious once you grok the object of the exercise. Republican party electoral success depends entirely on the 15-20 million hard-core bigots and imbeciles which the GOP spent decades recruiting into the party. But since these bigots and imbeciles stink on ice, they need to find a way to make them invisible. Dressing them up in funny hats, giving them Gadsden flags to wave around and calling then "The Tea Party" worked for a little while, but that still set them apart. Made them distinctive, which when you reek of racism and stupid as hard as these people do, cannot work for long.

No, the real solution is make the deplorables "disappear" the same way the tunnelers in "The Great Escape" made the dirt "disappear"; the same way that Team Rick can move among the walking dead unnoticed -- by blending the thing you want to hide into the ambient environment. Which, in the case of the Trumpshirts, means getting people to stop calling them "Donald Trump supporters" and start pretending that they are "The American People".

Which is where clowns like Michael Steele come in.

I would say that Mr. Lesbian Bondage Fiasco once again shamed himself on the Squint and the Meat Puppet show this morning (see video above), except as the most famous African-American front man for the most deplorable mob of racists in America politics, clearly "shame" is not an emotion which Mr. Steele is capable of marshaling.

Instead I will say that this is not the first or the second or even the third time I have heard Mr. Steele wave off criticism of some utterly appalling sh*t that Trump of the Trumpshirts have said or done by asserting that, sure, you might care about it, and "the media " might care about it, but clearly The Murrican People don't care about it, so whatcha gonna do about it smartypants? Bwahahahaha!

At the 6:30 mark in the video above, Mr. Steele insists that "The Murrican People" don't give a sh*t about Donald Trump's tax return (emphasis added because I wanted it that way):

Steele: Show me the poll where 60% of the American people are saying "I want to see your tax returns". That's Donald Trump's safe haven here. It’s not resonating the way it resonates for you. That's why you don't see the pressure on him.

Which turned out to be one of the finest rake-stepping-on moments Mr. Lesbian Bondage Fiasco has had in a long time. Because to her credit, three minutes later, Mika Brezinski came back with exactly that: a poll showing 62% of The American People want to see Donald Trump's goddamn tax returns.

Mr. Steel swiftly tap danced away from the bed he just sh*t and reverted to his Safe Mode, factory-default, Both Siderist setting:

Steele: No, and...I think that's right. This is so easy. Just put the numbers out there. Just put the tax returns out there, because the reality is, for both of these individuals, whether it's health records or tax returns...

Followed frantically by something something "for both Clinton and Donald Trump" ... something something email server ... something something Benghazi ,.. something something Clinton Foundation.

This is not the first or the second or even the third time Mr. Lesbian Bondage Fiasco has spectacularly sh*t the bed in public, and yet week after week, Mr. Phil Griffin continues to hand him big bags of cash to appear on MSNBC and do his funny little dance.

So listen carefully between now and the election and notice how frequently Republicans and their stooges and fellow travelers in the American media whitewash Trump and the Trumpkins out of the visible spectrum with a big bucket of "The Murrican People".

You will be amazed.

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