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Trump Surrogate Admits To Joy Reid: Trump Did 'Pay-For-Play'

Surreal interview!!! The $25,000 payoff to Pam Bondi was no big deal because the Russians spent $200mil to get 20% of America's uranium supply.

In what can only be described as an epic failure, a Trump spokesman first admits that Trump participates in "Pay for Play" deals, but then tries to justify it because he is a private citizen and *everyone* does it.

Clearly, Steve Cortes has no idea that donating money (paying off) officials to get favors or special access is patently illegal, for any citizen. His spin comes so fast and so hard, you can see his eyeballs nearly roll back in his head as he tries to say that Trump plans to end it. Yes, you have to hear it for yourself:

CORTES: Donald Trump is a private yes, he has admitted that to citizen. Some degree there was pay to play that he tried to get access from politicians Which, by the way, significant business people do all the time.

REID: Wait a minute. wait a minute. Steve, are you saying that significant business people regularly engage in pay to play and that that's okay because they're private citizens?

CORTES: No, it's not okay. it's not okay.

REID: You just said that he's a businessman and it's not okay.


CORTES: A voice at the table. and what he's saying is this. He wants to end that system. and he's going to do it. By the way, Donald Trump gave donations from his personal fortune that he made.

REID: No, from his foundation.

CORTES: He made a mistake in that case.

REID: He wrote it from the foundation. you're not an allowed to do that. You're saying that's all right.

CORTES: He said it was a mistake. here's the

REID: He had to may a fine because it's illegal.

CORTES: He said that was a mistake and he reimbursed the foundation and it was a tactical mistake. It wasn't a pay to play in that case.

REID: It was a pay to play. She didn't pursue an investigation into Trump University.

CORTES: He supports a lot of politicians, including Pam Bondi.

REID: We've already had a New York Times investigation attempt to find any evidence that Donald Trump has given money out of his own money out of the own pocket. foundation. His own checks don't get written somehow.

Joy Ann Reid wasn't having it. She called him out, in real time. Keep up the good work, Joy Reid!

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