November 23, 2016

If there's something made undeniably obvious by this unsettling election year, it's the way in which the two major parties are treated: with obvious double standards. Perhaps you have noticed how Republican fringe groups are always softened with gentle euphemisms, while even the most centrist of Democrats are suspiciously viewed as radical anarchists.

For example, most Democrats are in favor of a graduated income tax, equal rights, social programs to benefit all of society and preserving the earth for our children and grandchildren. Meanwhile, the most hyperbolic, malevolent wing of Republicans are innocuously known as the alt-Right, even though they truly are Neo-Nazis. The unfortunate consequence of the evil brilliance of the self-righteous moral majority really took off under Reagan, which has soiled the term liberal with very negative connotations. The GOP has hidden behind the guise of Christianity, which they've perverted so thoroughly that it no longer resembles the New Testament. And they keep a society in fear and encourage conflict by arming the most unstable elements of the population, taking the heat off their dreadful conduct.

The RNC's Communications Director, Sean Spicer, a return champion of Trump's media apologists, addressed Wolf Blitzer's nepotism and corruption concerns in the flippant manner a dictator's spokesperson would. Sean basically ignored Wolf Blitzer's outrage at the unprecedented, morally bankrupt business plans they have in store for America. No one can predict the extent of the suffering they will cause this nation. Spicer said that the American people knew that DT would continue to run the business through his three eldest kids. Did they know that these same kids would be in on meetings with all foreign diplomats? Do they care? They will, eventually.

Sean left out an inconvenient truth, as we are realizing with each passing day and each horrific Cabinet selection. When he's meeting with leaders, in one of his eponymous buildings, they are not just a meet and greet. He seeks to change laws to benefit his bottom line, which creates the likelihood there will be unimaginable corruption perpetrated by Trump and his spawn to further their financial interests at the expense of the American people. Representative Democracy will be replaced with a Banana Republican Government, and the American people will have to take their lumps for a few years. Just imagine, an autocratic, above-the-law tyrant with no limit to his greed, no ethics, and no shame combined with the GOP, a party that hates government and has proven that they are really bad at it, will not be of, by or for the people. A Banana Republican government can only last so long before the people revolt, which will likely be dealt with in the fashion of Tiananmen Square.

For much of the interview, Blitzer tried to garner plans for a formal denunciation of the terrifying Neo-Nazi celebrations, emboldened by the election 'victory' of this dreadful hatemonger. These are celebrations have taken place right in Washington, D.C. in government-owned buildings no less.

BLITZER: I just want to ask you, should he go out there and make a specific speech and make it abundantly clear that he doesn't want these people's support and he condemns them?

SPICER: What? When is it going to be enough!? He has condemned everyone that's come out and supported him, every group that supported him. At some point you've got to take, you know, his position and, and go move on.

Blitzer asked the flustered guest why are these groups so attracted to this man, and why do they pledge their support? Spicer sounded like the guilty kid who lies , even though he threw the baseball and broke the window. "I. DON'T. KNOW!" he proclaimed. What else could he say? The truth that Neo-Nazis and other White Nationalists love the fact that Trump is one of them? The truth is no longer allowed in a country about to be ruled with the real tyranny the Republicans have pretended existed under the Democrats.

Finally, Wolf asked why Trump doesn't go out of his way to express the outrage that any other sentient being would, at the support of these hatemongers and domestic terrorists? This is really getting him flustered.

SPICER: I get that you guys all want to ask the same question over and over again and make them denounce it eight ways to Sunday ,but it's not what he wants to talk about. He's focused on making this country better by lifting people up and again all....

BLITZER: I think what the American, a lot of people would like to see is a formal statement


BLITZER: Wait a minute, wait a minute. He did a two and a half minute video yesterday outlining his economic plans for the first 100 days. Why not simply do another YouTube video like that and say look, and, and directly address those people? And say you know what, you're not part of my team. I don't want your support. I hate what you're doing and end it once and for all! Take the initiative instead of simply reacting when a reporter asked the question.

We all know that Donald Trump will do what he wants, we will be his subjects who won't have a voice because he may use military force against us. These ignorant fools will admit, perhaps reluctantly on their death beds, that Constitutional Scholar and actual legitimate President, Barack Obama revered the Constitution. There's no doubt that the Trump family will use it as bathroom tissue, flushing it down their golden toilets. Tragic stupidity.

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