December 26, 2016

The size of the memory hole grows ever larger.

On this morning's Morning Joe, Scarborough decides to compare his own glory days in the 1994 Congress (forever, Newt!) with the Tea Party.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You know, Rick, I think for me personally, that's the great failure of Barack Obama. Everybody is going to blame it on the Republican Party like they could have blamed Bill Clinton's failures on. Instead of the Tea Party, it was Gingrich Republicans, guys like me back then, despite what the press will tell you today, we were no better than the Tea Party. We were just as mean and nasty and driven in all of the right ways to balance the budget. but Bill Clinton in 1995 brought in Dick Morris and figured out how to beat our brains out while working with us to get welfare reform, the first balanced budget in a generation. balanced it four years in a row for the first time since the 1920s. you could go down a long list of things that republicans and Bill Clinton did together and there was no reason to believe that that could ever happen without Bill Clinton willing to fight with us on our own turf and beat us.

Former Ted Cruz (yeah) campaigner Rick Wilson plays right along:

RICK WILSON: ...I do see it as a lot of lost potential. Michael mentioned LBJ who was a deal maker. working with Congress all the time to get things done and get things passed. Barack Obama didn't do that. He didn't have a good relationship with the Congress. certainly not Republicans. and not even Democrats.

SCARBOROUGH: He didn't have a good relationship with the Democrats. that's why when people who don't understand what's been happening behind the scenes eight years, 'Republicans just want to stop him.' Talk to senior Democratic senators from day one who said the guy didn't have a relationship with us.

Seriously not one person of color on that panel.

And here's what I, a "nice Christian lady from Springfield Illinois" can type without using the eff word, off the top of my head with no research needed. Too bad an entire mob of your producers and panelists at MSNBC seem incapable of remembering:

1. The Gingrich Republican Congress "worked with" Clinton by passing absolute draconian welfare reform, then passing less draconian welfare reform and daring Clinton to veto it. And they never funded the job training and child care to the extent it was needed to make the "reform" a success.

2. You didn't mention the Clinton impeachment or that every Republican in your glorious "worked with Clinton" leadership was engaged in extramarital sex or in the horrible case of Dennis Hastert, child molestation.

3. Mitch McConnell filibustering his own bill.

4. Mitch McConnell blocking a Supreme Court nomination. Even Newt didn't pull that.

5. "You Lie!" yelled out at a State of the Union address. And the guy who did it fundraising on the fact the next day. Oh and yeah he's still in the Congress.

6. Fox News. Fox News. Fox News. Which for the vast majority of the Republican Party IS the news media. Yeah, too bad Obama didn't work with them more.

7. How many Republican congressmen have Drudge as their internet homepage these days?

8. The Caucus Room conspiracy, Joe.

9. There is no Tea Party. You said so yourself, Joe!

10. Rush Limbaugh got a plaque from you guys honoring him as "The Majority Maker." Don't pretend your glorious Congress popped out of nowhere.

And we haven't forgotten that four days ago you blamed Clinton for the "post-Truth" world.

The memory hole grows ever larger, and Joe Scarborough just. keeps. digging.

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