There have been lots of whispers about Russian interference in the election, but we decided to do a little digging on the C&L site to see how much *we* talked about it.
December 11, 2016

We at C&L have been beating the drum, screaming from the mountains and jumping up and down for literally months over the now confirmed reports from the CIA that Russia did, in fact, hack our elections to put their puppet, Donald Trump, in office. In total, we wrote 182 articles from June 2016 to December 2016. Yes, one hundred and eight two separate articles that reference "Trump Russian Hacks"

The first direct piece alleging Russian hacking came on June 14, 2016 when we wrote about Russian Hackers hitting the DNC, but the full magnitude of their mission still wasn't clear.

Just a few days later, Trump told Lester Holt that he knew Hillary Clinton's server was hacked even though there was no proof of it. Did he know something we didn't?

In July the Clinton campaign finally came out and said that the DNC hack may be a plot to help Trump. Clearly, we now know that this was 100% true.

That same exact day, Donald Trump Jr. nearly lost his sh*t while defending his poor dad, saying that no, the Russians are not helping his dad!

The very next day Donald Trump actually admitted that the DNC hack was done by his "friends' in Russia or China.

Two days after that bombshell confession, Trump went completely insane and actually begged Russia to "hack Hillary Clinton." His exact request was: "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing."

First week in August brings this amazing ad from the Clinton campaign talking about Russia's ties to Putin.

The next day Bill Maher talks about Assange working with Russia specifically to hurt Hillary Clinton.

Later that day, Rudy Giuliani says Trump has no "substantial ties to Russia." In the voice of Maury Povich, "our lie detector determined that was a lie."

By mid-August bombshell news broke about Paul Manafort's ties to Putin which led to his hasty resignation as campaign manager, although he probably (definitely) stayed on as the "secret campaign manager."

We also explored why Trump and Putin sound alike.

By late August the Clinton campaign came out and asked the million dollar question: Is Trump a puppet for Putin?

The next day Russian hackers hit the New York Times, directly following the latest twitter rant from Trump. Coincidence? I think not!

By the end of August, we addressed how Putin is using Trump to advance Russia's goals. You know, like a puppet.

In early September Tim Kaine blasted Trump for openly encouraging Russia to hack the DNC and Hillary Clinton because, you know, it is treasonous and all.

A few days later, both Trump and Pence praised Putin for being a super awesome, strong, virile leader. Gag.

The very next day, Trump defends Putin yet again, saying that it is "unlikely" that Russia is trying to affect the election. Uh huh. Did I mention this interview was on Russian tv?

Mid-September came a wave of Republicans warning a defiant Trump that Putin is not our friend.

Then a GOP Rep told Wolf Blitzer that the RNC had been hacked too. They hadn't.

A few days later we started talking about Russia pushing fake news to try to affect the election. Just three months later, we see how big of a difference this actually had.

By the end of September the US Intelligence Committee actually said it: Russia hacked us. Still, Trump and the GOP refuse to believe it.

First week in October, just a month before the elections, the US formally accuses Russia of interfering in the election. It's too late. Just a few days later, Comey will also start throwing out false news to try to further clog the social media/MSM news feed.

Next a National Security expert actually takes it one step further by saying that Trump is an active surrogate of Russia but doesn't know it. Because he is a dumb puppet.

On Halloween we talked about what is a bigger risk: voter fraud or hacking?

Later that day it came out that Comey refused to make it public that there was a link between Trump and Russian hackers while he was totally fine talking about non existent evidence of emails on a totally unrelated person's computer (Carlos Danger).

And even more Halloween news: even though Trump denied knowing Putin, here is a video of him bragging about being super best friends with Putin back in 2013.

And to wrap up the day, two troubling reports came out talking about Trump's deep personal and professional ties to Russia. Whoops.

3 days after Putin was elected -- I mean Trump -- it came out that the Trump campaign was in regular contact with Russia for the entirety of the campaign. This is shocking. Still, no one cares in the GOP.

By mid-November it started to become clear that Trump won through hacking. Razor-thin margins defined swing state victories, voting anomalies became apparent, those with training to recognize irregular and concerning voter tabulations started using words like "hacking" and "not valid." Multiple state recount requests were filed, although GOP judges blocked them in all states.

Then it came out that Trump Jr. met with Russians in October to discuss "the Syrian problem." This was never public news. Shocking.

Early December some GOP members were finally starting to see the light: Russia hacked the election. Rep King agrees that evidence is strong that Russia hacked the DNC. Duh, thanks.

This brings us to this weekend's bombshell: the CIA report that confirms what we all knew. Russia hacked the election specifically to put Trump in office. But worse? Mitch McConnell knew. Yes, the leader of the Senate KNEW that a foreign country was actively hacking and manipulating our election and did nothing. Same day, FOX continues to deny it.

This is just the highlight reel, folks. We are sure that there will be hundreds more articles to come, some may include words like treason, impeachment, prison, etc. Only time will tell how far down the rabbit hole we may fall.

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