Women around the world have reclaimed the word "pussy" as a means of empowerment now that we've elected out pussy-grabber-in-chief, but don't expect CNN to let their audience know that.
January 22, 2017

As most of you know by now, the March on Washington and the sister marches around the country were a huge success with record breaking crowds. Hundreds of thousands of women and their families took to the streets in their pussyhats in solidarity to stand against our newly elected pussy-grabber-in-chief and to promote women's rights and minority rights. The creators of the project explained the hats in their mission statement here:

We love the clever wordplay of “pussyhat” and “pussycat,” but yes, “pussy” is also a derogatory term for female genitalia. We chose this loaded word for our project because we want to reclaim the term as a means of empowerment. In this day and age, if we have pussies we are assigned the gender of “woman.” Women, whether transgender or cisgender, are mistreated in this society. In order to get fair treatment, the answer is not to take away our pussies, the answer is not to deny our femaleness and femininity, the answer is to demand fair treatment. A woman’s body is her own. We are honoring this truth and standing up for our rights.

CNN covered the protests yesterday, but refused to use the word "pussy" when talking about the "pink hats" the women were wearing.

Watch Wolf Blitzer and their field reporter, Kyung Lah dance around the subject in the video above.


BLITZER: We'll have coverage of that as well. All right. Thanks very much Jeff Zeleny over at the National Cathedral.

Meanwhile, thousands of women are already converging on the nation's capital are preparing for their march on Washington. They're protesting President Trump's policies, demanding equal rights for women. This is an event that began with a fairly modest call to action on Facebook right after the November 8th election. It could become though one of the largest political demonstrations in Washington. And it's not just in Washington, it's in fact coast to coast, around the country, continent to continent, in fact around the world.

More than 600 sister marches as they're being called are planned around the country and in fact around the world. CNN is covering several of these marches, including ones in New York, Boston, and London. Let's begin with CNN's Kyung Lah, she's here in Washington. The women and a lot of men, they're just getting started here where you are, Kyung.

KYUNG LAH, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: It hasn't officially been started yet but these crowds started gathering at 6:00 a.m. Eastern Time Wolf. You can hear them singing. It' s a very friendly audience. And I want you to take a look at the size of this crowd.

For some perspective, we're in the shadow of the capital and this is just one section, just one small section of this entire crowd. Jordan is going to take a sweep of this entire crowd. Look over to your right and then, as he continues to sweep, again, this is just one part of the stage. The entire area stretches much, much further.

And I've also want to give you a look at the diversity of this crowd. These ladies over here, they marched in the 1970s when women were really fighting for equal rights. So, they are marching again. A lot of young girls who are here. I saw a woman carrying her child. And you can see from their faces here, it's a very, very friendly crowd.

But they say that this is very urgent for them, that they want Washington to see the crowd here and hear their voice. Their voices are for a number of issues, a number of platforms. But the most important is that they want the president's attention. Wolf?

BLITZER: And tell us about the pink caps that so many of the women are wearing.

LAH: OK. Let's take a look at some of these hats. You can see what this woman has done is, if you can spin for me, this is something that really is a viral sensation. And so Wolf, what we've been seeing is a lot of these women are wearing these hats because they've knitted them themselves. It began as something that they could pull the map off of the pattern of social. And then, you can see for yourself again as we take a look at these crowd, a lot of women here are wearing these caps and men frankly.

BLITZER: Kyung Lah in the middle of it. Kyung, we'll be going to getting back to you. Thank you very much.

I guess the suits at CNN told all of them they don't want any more segments like this one which aired shortly after the Access Hollywood tape of Trump bragging about being able to grab women by the pussy was released.

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