February 27, 2017

Tucker Carlson always manages to one-up himself in the "douchebag" category. The morning after 'Oscar-gate' Tucker brought his ever-popular "politics and entertainment shouldn't mix" meme to Trump's favorite fix of morning disinformation, Fox and Friends.

Because many on the award show made negative comments towards the so-called 'president,' Tucker Carlson felt obliged to bemoan the ideals that Hollywood espouses: racial inequality, education, and empathy.

I can't imagine a more overtly racist statement about Moonlight, the best picture winner, than Tucker's evil assessment of the film that was accidentally slighted.

CARLSON: I mean you knew that Moonlight had to win because you knew what the film was about and that's part of the problem with Hollywood: tons of really talented people; they're brilliant at making movies, but the second you feel a political imperative, it destroys your art. Whenever you feel like you need to elevate the country, you become overbearing and pompous and boorish.

No, I do not know how Tucker Carlson was not struck by lightning at that moment.

I do know that as a general matter, Hollywood feels this obligation to bring the rest of the country up to their moral level, which is obviously very lofty. They look out on the rest of the country and they think, boy you are backwards and medieval, you're loathsome, but we're gonna make you better with our films.

Sounds a bit paranoid and reflective of a person trying to appeal to the poorly educated, doesn't it?

Next, Tucker and the Fox 'elite' decided to weigh in on the DNC election results and, you guessed it, it was RIGGED! The fact that Ellison and Perez are now working together to battle Trump and the GOP was not mentioned.

Despite Tucker's wishful thinking and alternative facts about the Democratic party, Ellison and Perez know where the real fight is: against Trump as president and the GOP in charge of Congress and many state governments.

Tucker Carlson, trust-fund creep, feels Trump has been charged with 'fixing' the country, and yet Carlson has no problem, more or less, admitting that Trump is not a good person, which really puts him in a snit:

...okay, fine. What does that have to do with fixing the country?

Look, where are your (Democratic Party) ideas? They don't have any.

Um, get back to me on any party's lack of ideas when the Republican Party has ONE about how to replace Obamacare.

Memory isn't the GOP's strong suit.

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