May 1, 2017

Conservative CNN pundit Ben Ferguson lost his temper with Bakari Sellers for relating the issue of slavery to the Civil War, yelling, "People are getting sick and tired of the race card being thrown around."

This left Sellers stunned. Bakari never called Trump, Ferguson or conservatives racists over Trump's asinine comments, but the mention of any type of race relations is now throwing conservatives into a deep funk.

This began as a typical CNN panel debate over something moronic Trump said either in an interview or on Twitter.

This time is was during an interview with the Washington Examiner's Salena Zito where he said, "had Andrew Jackson been a little later, you wouldn't have had the Civil War."

In response to Trump claiming Andrew Jackson could have stopped the civil war, CNN's Ben Ferguson tried to unpackage what Trump actually meant, as do most Trump surrogates or apologists.

Ferguson said that the media was overreacting to what Trump had said, and then backed up Trump's claims by alleging Jackson understood how brutal war is and that Trump admires the man for hating elites.

"He liked giving power back to the people. He sees a lot of similarities between his presidential campaign and also the other campaign as well, so i think this has been taken out of context in a major way," Ferguson said.

Bakari Sellers would have none of it and replied, '[Trump] says something outlandish or in this case, very ignorant and friends of mine like Ben Ferguson have to clean it up and spin it the best possible way."

CNN host asked, "Why do you say ignorance?"

Sellers explained that it was "historically ignorant," because Jackson committed genocide on the American Indians and was a slave owner himself, we know why the war was fought. "For Donald Trump to ask himself why was the Civil War fought is historically ignorant you're entitled to your own opinion. You're not entitled to your own facts. That's my problem with this revisionist whitewash of history."

This infuriated Ferguson, who said, "People are getting sick and tired of the race card being thrown around. When you have a president that's looking back historically at an individual that understood exactly how brutal war was."

Then the CNN conservative went off the deep end trying to rewrite history and say there were many other factors that created the Civil war other than slavery.

Bakari had enough. (rough transcript ahead)

Sellers: Why was the civil war fought?

Ferguson: I think you know this and I know this A large part of it was slavery. There was also large parts -"

Sellers: There are no two ways to look at his.

Ferguson: You said facts matter!"

Sellers: You cannot say this is an economic matter because do you know what the economics of that time were? Slavery.

No one is playing the race card when we're talking about the civil war. Point, blank, period. The fact is if Donald Trump wants to postulate why was the Civil war fought, the answer is slavery. Move forward.

Ferguson: Bakari, you're being ignorant to history if you think the civil war, go back and look at any history book was solely about slavery. It was not solely about slavery and if you actually look at history instead of just throwing race out there on every single thing when it comes to Civil war, you'd have a better understanding."

Sellers: I actually was a history major, Ben.

Ferguson: You weren't paying good attention.

Sellers: This is absurd.

Ferguson: It's not absurd. It's absurd to imply that the Civil war exclusively about slavery. The entire thing was not slavery.

OK, children. From now on, the Civil war wasn't mostly about slavery, got it?

Watch out Jeffrey Lord, somebody wants to steal your mantle of being the biggest jackass on CNN and television over the history of race relations in America.

Editor's note: The Civil War was entirely about slavery. This is a whitewash conservatives and bigots put on it to deny their racism and pretend they are victims of a 'race card.'

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