Fox and Friends doing the "We'll defend you, Donald!" dance, with political hit man David Bossie singing about the mythical "Deep State" coming after Trump. Really.
June 19, 2017

David Bossie is the latest defender of the indefensible Trump Administration, clearly feeling the heat of the Russia investigations. It's apparently Fox and Friends's job to keep Donald on an even keel with one pro-Trump "wow they're all out to get him" story after another.

Bossie was a Trump campaign surrogate and has a rich history of spreading his Clinton Derangement Syndrome. The heat of all the investigations is clearly unnerving these diabolical agents of chaos, a.k.a. the GOP.

People like Bossie, who has a sordid history as a political hit-man, is exactly the type of creep rewarded by the Citizen's United Decision.

Those charged with representing and defending Trump are trying to spin Donald's tweets, which admitted he was following the orders of the Deputy AG, as false; we should only pay attention to select tweets, not all of them. Trump even admitted he was under investigation (for possible obstruction of justice) but his lawyers are frantically trying to contradict that statement.

Fox Friend, Ainsley Earhardt hoped for an optimistic prediction, and David Bossie was just the perfect guest to soothe her fears, truth be damned.

EARHARDT: So, David, he is not under investigation, right? (wishful thinking)

DAVID BOSSIE: Well that's right. He's not under investigation, and that's important for the American people to understand. Look, there is an ongoing counterintelligence investigation into whether or not Russia meddled in our elections. We all understand that, but we have to understand there's no underlying basis for the Trump campaign to have been involved with the Russians. There's no facts, no evidence whatsoever that the president or our team had any coordination with the Russians. This is a ridiculous allegation, and it's going to be proven false over the summer at some point, that [Russia probe special counsel Robert] Mueller is going to come out and have to acknowledge that there's no evidence.

-- we've been under investigation for over seven months now, almost a year, I'd say, since these allegations -- ridiculous allegations first came up. So, we've had no evidence come up. The Washington Post and others want to create these stories and there's -- with anonymous sources from the -- from what we call the deep state. These are the folks that want to do damage to this president, want to try to nullify an election, really are what I'd consider -- I'd say they're guilty of what Charles Krauthammer termed the Trump derangement syndrome. That these people have a sickness, a pathology to them, that really is a -- we have a problem here in America.

By comparison, the Watergate Scandal probe took far longer than the SEVEN WHOLE MONTHS of investigating Trump and his sycophants, who have far too many suspicious ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin. Watergate was slower, and by comparison, it seems as if it was infinitely less complicated. In fact,

the (Watergate) committee didn’t issue a final report until June 27, 1974, more than two years after the DNC break-in.

The Deep State claim is a sign of desperation, as they realize that there's nothing that's going to stop this Trump-Kremlin conspiracy train. There's no shortage of evidence either.

(Ex-Head of DNI, James) Clapper said that according to the information he had, he believed Russia had been initially interested in “sowing doubt” in American democracy, but became increasingly interested in supporting President Donald Trump against former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as the election went on.

“In my view, the evidence for it was overwhelming,” he said.

Clapper described what he saw as “irrefutable” proof that Russia had meddled in the election through cyberattacks, hacking, and propaganda dispersed throughout social and traditional media.

Apparently, if you are a Republican, any transgression can be forgiven, even collusion with a hostile foreign power dedicated to destroying the American way of life. If you're a Democrat and you choose to have a private email server, that is a bridge too far. Both sides.


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