July 31, 2017

Who can forget the bullet-necklace adorning, Trump-campaign spokesperson, Katrina Pierson? We were trying to scrub our memory clean, that was, until she was unearthed by MSNBC to speak about the chaos that is obviously engulfing the White House. These people just won't go away.

Alex Witt attempted to conduct an interview that would elicit coherent answers to her questions. Katrina is a Trump loyalist who is physically and mentally incapable of such lofty expectations, nothing's changed.

WITT: Look, you've been an insider. What is it like to live through it? You're saying you heard the records, but you've lived through it, what is it like?

PIERSON: A lot of this is generated by the media. Of course the 'president' has people come in and speak to him and hear different points of view. That's what you want. As someone who's going to make a decision, you want to make sure they hear all angles of the argument. So I think that a lot of this quote/unquote turmoil is being generated by the media. Of course, Anthony Scaramucci's supposed off-the-record discussion just added to that.

WITT: But, Trina, who is on solid ground? Is anyone on solid ground with this 'president?'

PIERSON: Well, I think job security obviously is important. When you're on a mission to make America great again, you have to be on his mission. If the 'president,' for any reason, believes you are not on his mission, than you no longer have job security. I think one of the things we'll see moving forward, particularly with General Kelly, I mean a lot of people think somehow this is going to change the 'president' and they are sadly mistaken. I believe General Kelly understands his mission as the right-hand of the 'president,' he is going to restore order within the White House and to get some of those appointments through, because we do have an aggressive agenda that was laid out during the campaign and the 'president' wants to be successful.

WITT: So the conservative "Wall Street Journal" editorial board has written that Priebus was not the problem, saying that the shuffling of the staff furniture won't matter unless Mr. Trump accepts the White House problem isn't Mr. Priebus, it is him.

Presidents get the White House operations they want, and Mr. Trump has a chaotic mess because he seems to like it. He likes pitting faction against faction. The reason Mr. Priebus wasn't as effective as he could have been is because Mr. Trump wouldn't listen to him and wouldn't let him establish a normal decision making process. If this, Katrina, is coming from "The Wall Street Journal," does it make you agree more a bit?

PIERSON: No, not at all. We'll take opinions all day long. But at the end of the day, we're talking about Donald Trump; someone who has been very successful on the outside. He's going to be successful on the inside. His management style has been the same from the very beginning and for those who don't understand that, I highly suggest reading "The Art of the Deal." He has a personality, a strong personality, and a strong character. None of us have a problem with his management style. Particularly those that have been around for a very long time. If you (blindly and irrationally) support the 'president' and his agenda, there are no problems with regards to personnel.

The dizzying Pierson defends Scaramucci's language because who knows if he knew he was on the record? It didn't matter that Witt explained that "the Mooch" knew the deal, Lizza informed him that he was on the record.

WITT: Let's talk about Anthony Scarmucci's little dustup, that profanity-infused tirade. Axios is saying the president loved it. How can the 'president' condone such language Katrina? You're a Conservative. Do you condone that kind of language?

PIERSON: Well, the 'president' has not come out and said that. That was just, I'm assuming, someone's opinion. We just don't know what the 'president' thought about that, at least at this point in time. But I do think that people who believe that they are speaking in private have the right to express themselves in any way they seem fit, whether I condone it or not.

WITT: But Katrina, he was not speaking in private, he was speaking to a reporter he knew was on the record. Mr. Lizza of The New Yorker has said that Scaramucci agreed it was on the record. There may have been one small part off the record which he has honored. but they agreed this was an on the record interview. He used this kind of language. Okay, we may not hear the 'president,' what he has agreed to, but you as a conservative, I can tell you me as a mom, I was, like, are you kidding me?

It's beyond frustrating to waste time with people like Pierson and it sure seemed like Alex Witt wasn't too thrilled to conduct this frivolity-laden interview.

PIERSON: ...When you're having what you perceive as a private conversation, I don't have any problem with the way anyone wants to express themselves, whether I condone it or not.

Okay, even if it was a private conversation, and I'm going to move on after I ask this question, do you condone it? That kind of language, that kind of way of communicating, is that effective, is it an effective way for the head of the White House Communications to characterize your colleagues?

PIERSON: What I will say, I've spent a lot of time in New York and have heard this language from many people. I personally don't speak that way but that's my personal choice. Other than that, I've got to say, I'm a big supporter of freedom of speech and I believe people should be able to express themselves best way they see fit.

WITT: Okay. I don't know if around people that speak like that in professional mannerisms. Okay if it works for you, Katrina.

WITT: Great conversations. We'll have you back again.

That closing false compliment is precisely why there exists a 'President' like this man. Period.

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