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CNN Host To Roy Moore Shill: 'You Were Okay With A Child Molester In The Senate?'

Ed Martin made a fool of himself when he blamed the RNSC for stopping finding Moore's campaign as the reason he lost the Senate race.

Another Christian Conservative leader makes a fool of himself defending Roy Moore on CNN while blaming everyone he could think of for Moore's loss Tuesday night.

CNN's Erin Burnett led off the discussion with aim at the blame being passed around in Republican circles.

The CNN host was joined by Bill Kristol and Ed Martin.

After she played a clip of Luther Strange blaming Steve Bannon for the shocking loss of a very safe and red Senate seat in Alabama, Erin turned to Ed to ask his opinion of where blame lies.

Martin replied, "I blame two people, Cory Gardner and Mitch McConnell pulled the money out of the NRSC."

Ed was upset that they pulled their money from the campaign. What principles?

Burnett then jumped in, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. So you're in the camp where you were okay with a child molester in the Senate?"

Martin tried to be cute, "I think you wanna say 'alleged' child molester."

Then he behaved bizarrely by invoking Bill Kristol's name when making his excuses for Roy Moore.

"What I said was five weeks before an election, Bill Kristol knows from campaigns and everybody else does that they throw everything they have at a guy."

Having a score of women come out and publicly claim a candidate is a child molester and a sexual stalking deviant of young girls is not the run of the mill negative campaign hi jinks we normally see, if ever.

Ed continued, "What I said was get through the election and back the Republican and then go and do the ethics committee and find out -- I don't have any reason to know if the women were telling the truth."

Kristol burst in, "Oh, come on, come on, all these women made this up?"

Burnett said, "Sir, there were 30 people who corroborated their stories."


"It's absurd. There isn't any question about it. It was excellent reporting and it's true."

'But you're saying he would have won if they didn't pull the funding?"

He repeated the "Bill knows this" routine, a backhanded sexist insult to Erin Burnett since she's been involved in politics for quite some time and is host of the show. He insisted on continuing to harp on the money not spent on Moore's campaign instead of the obvious elephant in the room that he chooses to ignore.

Bill did not like it.

Kristol said, "I have a higher regard for the Republicans in Alabama who did vote for Jones or who stayed home or cast that 1.5% of the absentee ballots. They wouldn't have been persuaded by more money."

See, it can't be Roy Moore's deviant sexual behavior, allegedly, or the failure of Trump to rally the base to bring Moore's campaign home.


It's Cory Gardner!

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