January 10, 2018

We know that Ann Coulter thought Trump was the Great White Hope -- and we also know she lobbied for a White House job. So here she is, sharing her regrets with Lou Dobbs, champion of racist old white guys everywhere, over Trump's DACA meeting yesterday:

"When Kevin McCarthy is the hardliner on immigration in the room, I think we can call this the lowest day in the Trump presidency," Coulter said. "I mean, he was clearly trying to overcome the bad press of this Michael Wolff book showing he's in command. In fact, what he did was fulfill every description of him in the Michael Wolff book. He didn't listen. He agrees with the last person."

Dobbs took umbrage, repeating the GOP talking point that "it's a bunch of trash, anyway."

"No it isn't," Coulter said.

"He was doing exactly literally 30 seconds -- DiFi wants a stand-alone Dreamers bill. Kevin McCarthy has to step in and say no, sir, I think we need border security first. He agrees with that. He's agreeing with people with a 60-second lag and the Democrats are taking the position no, we won't take anything but the Dreamers."

"Well, he says without question, he says that he's going to have the wall," Dobbs said.

"The problem I have, frankly, is that there was no discussion of the sequence in which these events would occur. And we know that if the wall is not, and I mean constructed, built, before there's any discussion of quote unquote immigration reform, we know what's not going to happen. That wall is not going to be built, is it?"

"No, of course not. And any amnesty is a 100% amnesty because it goes to the courts. And the courts will say, oh, you may have limited this to left-handed redheads who came here at age zero through no fault of their own. But gosh, we're going to open it up to everyone. and through chain migration they get to bring all of their relatives," Coulter said.

"And I can't say you're wrong. You can say anything about that press conference today called by Trump himself. He thought this was everything. He agreed, yes, to a stand-alone Dreamer bill. We'll get to the comprehensive immigration stuff later. it was the lowest day of his presidency."

Dobbs reiterated his support for Trump and the wall. But "this was an a semblance of some of the worst likes of the Kennedy-McCain effort to create comprehensive immigration reform. A reminder to everyone in Washington, what you do when you don't have a solution is, you expand the problem. They made it comprehensive. Vast. And by the way still no progress on it."

Coulter bemoaned Trump's attempt to work with Dems.

"It seems as if Trump thinks he's going to get all of this great press by giving the left everything they want. I promise you, he's not going to get good press from this. They're still going to say he has dementia. If anything, they have more arguments now with him jumping around abandoning his base. His only hope is to be pedal to the metal, fulfill his promises, end chain migration and deport the Dreamers who, I said last week, they ought to go before MS13. They are the worst of the illegals."

"And you don't like the way they create so much trouble. By the way, the average age of the so-called Dreamers -- the president himself refers to them as kids. They are far from it," Dobbs said.

Coulter noted that he did correct himself. "That was the high moment of the press conference," she said. "Every once in a while, I could give you 30 seconds where he was great. but then the next is, 'I'll take the heat. It will be comprehensive immigration reform.'"

When Coulter mentions the Michael Wolff book again, Dobbs goes off.

"The reason I don't like the Michael Wolff book is because it's filled with trash and fraud and fiction," he fumed.

"And you know better than to use it as some sort of compass on the --"

"Some of it is. If you exclude the bad stuff, it's not that bad," Coulter insisted. "It's good on the press, it's good on the Russian investigation."

"To sit here and boost a bad book like that," he chided her.

"I'm sure those people told him that and they're the ones hired into the White House by Trump. If he doesn't want people bad-mouthing him, he ought to hire people who supported him," Coulter said. ("Like me, me, ME!!!")

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