'Feminists Need Rape': DC Charter School Board Official Exposed As White Supremacist, Rape Advocate
Credit: Lacy MacAuley
January 24, 2018

Until today, John Goldman was a Senior Manager of Finance, Analysis and Strategy for the Washington, DC Public Charter School Board. But today Goldman was suspended pending investigation after photos surfaced of him at parties with known neonazis and white supremacists as the pseudonymous "Jack Murphy," self-proclaimed liberal-turned-conservative in the age of Trump.

"Murphy," it seems, was a foe of Richard Spencer. Still it appears they share some fundamental beliefs, though Murphy/Goldman claims he was a Democrat who now has a man-crush on Trump. Apparently former Democrats can be white supremacist men's rights advocates too!

John Goldman has now admitted that his online alter ego is "Jack Murphy," but remains unapologetic about his stated beliefs and why he holds them.

Here are some samples of what Murphy/Goldman believes:

Feminists need rape.

"Men have a natural tendency towards dominance and women to passivity and submission," Murphy wrote in 2015. "For a feminist who has rejected polarity and embraced sameness, this presents a paradox. The cognitive dissonance between her chosen dogma and the urge to get choked during sex is painful."

This guy is around kids, mind you.

He added, "I assure you, behind even the most ardent feminist facade is a deep desire to be dominated and even degraded."

This is the argument for his central premise, which is simple: "Rape is the best therapy for the problem. Feminists need rape."

But he is quick to qualify this by claiming that all feminists need is a man who loves her to rape her but not in a totally evil "illegal alien" rapey way, but a loving rape. Consensual, even.

Sanctuary cities breed Honduran rapists

"However, the tragedy of a young girl getting raped in the bathroom at school just might be what turns the attention of limousine liberals from the brainwashing narrative of the Democrats and towards a more sane approach to immigration," "Murphy" wrote in a Medium post last year.

"Let’s just hope it will only take one, and not an epidemic of heinous crime to finally get those suburban soccer moms out of their denial and into the real world," he continued.

He also argues that school districts should not fund education for immigrants, especially in the school district where his children go to school because why would he want his children to mingle with those Honduran rapists?

(Aside to Murphy/Goldman: Look up Pete Wilson and Prop 187)

Look! Intersectionality! Misogyny and white supremacy intersect in one small, odious post.

In a statement to WAMU, Goldman denied any white supremacist bent. "Any notion I am a white supremacist is a complete fabrication, while the opposite is unquestionably true: I am open minded, I love everyone, and I wish nothing more than for our country to come together.”

Sure, as long as you're good with him raping your daughters instead of Hondurans. Goldman is good with raping your daughters in the name of cleansing them of feminism, but keep those dirty Hondurans away! Again, I remind you that he is not under any circumstances a white supremacist.

Murphy/Goldman believes deeply in intersectionality, but his beliefs specifically center around women. In a debate (PDF) with alt-right activist and Gamergater Vox Day aka Theodore Beale, Goldman laid out his manifesto, which of course should not under any circumstances be construed to be at all white supremacist. He has already told us he is not a white supremacist.

"I have come into the exploration of white identity politics from a belief that there is a feminist/Marxist overreach combined with intersectionality that has deemed victim culture here in the US as where we are. Every minority group, self-identified to some intersection, has become a victim," he said.

He continued, "By virtue of them being a victim there must be a perpetrator. That perpetrator according to them is me. A straight white male, Russian-Jewish and Catholic-Irish, but that doesn’t matter. Through intersectionality I become the perpetrator of all evils in the U.S."

Those are a lot of words to call himself a "white" victim, mostly of women, but that whole intersectionality thing, yeah.

There are a lot more words in that interview where he steps toward the alt-right world but still has differences. His differences manifest this way: He doesn't believe in a homogenous ethnostate as Richard Spencer does. He simply believes the white folks will rise to the top in a society which is thoroughly closed to new entrants and has a 25-year immersion in propaganda to assimilate immigrants already here.

Murphy/Goldman gives himself away a few minutes later with his coded white supremacist language arguing for eugenics. "I have often wondered why poor people have more children on the basis that it will create more likelihood of successful genetic outcomes and the opposite applies to the wealthy."

Close the doors; Brainwash the populace

Even though Murphy/Goldman vehemently denies his white supremacism, it's difficult to reconcile his denial with his solutions for a better America.

"Build the wall, severely curtail immigration, and double down on investments in the U.S. labor force," he said. My restatement: "Keep the brown folks out, don't let anyone in that isn't from white European countries, and restore the feudal state."

So yes, some white supremacist overtones in that prescription, but here we get to some more specific and pointed indicators, when he says, "Today we are afraid of the political correctness. Telling people that they must assimilate, believe our beliefs, speak our language, and adopt our ways is now prohibited. We need to spend a generation assimilating the new population."

He also suggests a 25-year PSYOP so everyone can understand their place in the New Society where women can be partner-raped for their own good, Hondurans have got to go because they rape the daughters of white people and soccer moms, and people have GOT to be told that they must believe "our" beliefs, speak "our" language, and adopt "our" ways.

Who is "our" again? Oh, that's right. He's not a white supremacist.

Except he wrote this on his blog last year. “A man and woman are different you say? We all have different aptitudes? We should spend our money on Americans instead of aliens? We should lift ourselves up before we lift up others? You are [N]azis now, says the left. Racists. Bigots. Terrible vile people!”

Why is he anywhere near our schools?

According to his bio on the board's website, Goldman/Murphy has a degree in economics from the Koch-funded economics department at George Mason University and a Masters from Georgetown university. Before taking the job with the board, Goldman/Murphy worked with two charter schools -- hands on.

With women. In a district that is more than 60 percent Black and Hispanic.

And now he is entrusted with finance decisions for those schools by day (keeping in mind that he's fine with de-funding education for immigrants), while hobnobbing (by his own admission) with the likes of Mike Cernovich, Milo Yiannopoulis, and Jack Prosobiec, not to mention Chelsea Manning.

But, but, but...He is the victim. Of a woman!

"The progressive left cannot and will not listen to any dissent. Instead, it resorts to public shame, character assassination, and hostility," he writes. He then claims he was an Obama voter before, but now he's been driven to a life of alliances with Nazis and misogynists because the left was so mean.

Whatever his excuse, whatever he is or is not, is this someone we want influencing education policy, being around children, or otherwise involved with education?

I don't think so. I think it's interesting that he claims to be a "journalist" when in fact he is trying to make a name for himself in the depths of the "manosphere," which is his descriptive word for the online communities he frequents.

In a statement to WAMU, the ACLU said he shouldn't lose his job for having conservative views. Make no mistake, these are not merely conservative views. They are vile, ugly hateful views, particularly when it comes to women. They are views he is willing to not only advocate, but act upon, views which have a direct and detrimental impact on children.

The woman who outed him, Lacy MacAuley, has the last word here.

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