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Hypocritical Pastor Jeffress Whines That His Hate Speech Was 'Taken Out Of Context'

Robert Jeffress, another hypocritical Christian snowflake, feels persecuted by those who call him out, like Frank Schaeffer.

Pastor Robert Jeffress, the same religious leader who claimed Islam is 'an abomination from the pit of hell,' (in addition to denigrating Judaism, Catholicism and Mormonism) was the most offensive choice to lead the blessing of the relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Naturally, he was the one the Trump regime decided was the best man for the job.

Even Mitt Romney was outraged by this choice.

After the violent uprisings caused by this Trump-Netanyahu glorification ceremony, designed to appease the GOP's End-Times Evangelical base, Trump's sycophants feigned outrage over the uproar. Jared Kushner and the other best people in the administration exclusively blame Hamas for inciting rage in starving, suffering Palestinian victims. Jared's impromptu and inflammatory anti-Gaza remarks in his speech were scrubbed by the White House.

Jeffress, playing the victim by acting baffled because video of his own words exists, sadly tried to spin his previous comments. Where can a wealthy Dallas megachurch pastor go for sympathy? Fox and Friends Weekend edition, of course where the chyron graphic read:
"Pastor Jeffress Slammed For Religious Views."

He proceeded to equate his hateful comments directed against other religions, as a Biblical tenet of Christianity. Those who worship differently should know that his gospel is the ONLY way to salvation. By simply stating this 'fact,' Jeffress and millions of Christians should be insulted that he was labeled a bigot, and those offended, like Mitt Romney, are in the wrong.

White Evangelicals seem to love the least morally chaste person, let alone president, on the planet. His favorability rating among White Evangelicals, as of late April, 2018, is 71% women and 81% men.

AM Joy discussed Pastor Jeffress and his rich history of hate speech with Frank Schaeffer.

Once an acolyte of his father Francis Schaeffer's Reagan-era Religious Right, Schaeffer walked away from it in favor of intellectual honesty and some righteous anger at where Republicans have gone. Unlike Trump sycophants Jerry Falwell, Jr and Franklin Graham, Frank Schaeffer is over it all. Republicans, their lying ways, the insidious way they hijack evangelical Christianity to maintain male and white supremacy and more.


On Sunday's AM Joy, Schaeffer denounced both Jeffress and the terrible choice to relocate the Tel Aviv Embassy to the holiest city of all three major Abrahamic religions. He seldom minces words.

The Israeli government and the present Prime Minister have made it clear that lobbying for the Jerusalem embassy and also the support of Israel have focused on pandering to the extremists. the lunatic fringe, forgive me, but the moron fringe of the Evangelical White movement in America, that believes that Israel had to return to the original borders described in the Bible in order for Jesus to come back. And, by the way, when he does come back to burn most of the Jews who have not believed in him while setting up the new earth and the new heaven.

So we are now looking at exactly what happens with so much evil in the world that comes down to tribalized religious thinking. That's what's going on.

Fox and Friends and the likes of Pete Hegseth will continue to defend the cast and characters of Trump's crime syndicate. Facts, compassion and ethics don't matter to those who worship the almighty dollar over everything else.

Frank Schaeffer gives us hope in his staunch belief that the right wing's outdated philosophy will backfire as liberal principles inevitably dominate the political discourse. But first we must dominate the political landscape with actual liberals.

Be cautious not to get caught up in labeling the Left and please dispense with petty infighting. Progressives, Liberals or Democrats all work just fine.

Vote Dem on November 6, 2018!

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