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Sarah Kendzior Compares Trump's Crew To Slimy Barnacles On The Titanic. She's Not Wrong.

When we need new imagery, Kendzior delivers. On AM Joy, she helps Republicans understand that collusion begins with Trump.

Sarah Kendzior again has all the right words.

Joy Reid laid out the problem of Republicans who are not seeing the forest for the trees. They see legions of Trump allies connected with Russia, but refuse to admit how that might imply Agent Orange has done anything impure at all. Perish the thought.

Kendzior puts it in perspective.

KENDZIOR: The people you just named are just the tip of the iceberg. We could do a "We Didn't Start the Fire" of Russian mob-connected goons of the Trump administration. And of course this is not coincidental. These ties go back decades, the ties to somebody like Michael Cohen. The sort of mobster multi-taskers, to take another one of these slime-coated barnacles stuck to the bottom of this teflon "Titanic" we call the Trump administration go back two decades, they're long in the making. People bring these issues to light individually. Look at these people individually. When you look at the network. When you look at where they collide, they collide around the Trump family. They collide around the Trump organization and none of these business practices or so-called business practices that very engage in have stopped now that Trump has become the president, and that's the problem. The problem is corruption, and the problem is kleptocracy, by a lack of accountability by the Republican party who itself is funded by these oligarchs, by these mafioso, by these characters who have entered the picture and are harming American democracy.

Trying to remember the last time I had a Billy Joel song, Spongebob's favorite curse word, Leonardo DeCaprio and the Sopranos all in my head in the same paragraph, but if anyone can accomplish that, it's Sarah.

But back to the issue at hand...the Orange Groping Golfing Wonder is the nucleus. Or think of the center of a bicycle wheel, if that makes it easier, Republicans. Trump is the center, these other people are the spokes. Not that I, or anyone else with a brain really think they're having trouble understanding this. It's really more of a refusal, amirite?

Nothing beats Sarah's description, though. "Slime-coated barnacles stuck to the bottom of this teflon Titanic we call the Trump administration."

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