November 16, 2018

The Republican Party has become less and less the party of fiscal responsibility and more and more the party of open racism. Voter suppression continues to run rampant, and the more overt racism is accepted in their party, the less careful Republican candidates seem to be about expressing admiration for these intimidation tactics. Rachel Maddow focused for a moment or so on the Republican U.S. Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith in Mississippi, where that race is headed for a run-off election on November 27.

MADDOW: Republicans hope and expect to add another U.S. Senator when Mississippi holds its Senate recount ten days from now. You would think that would be a shoo-in for the Republicans. They wouldn't need to worry about it, right? But their Republican candidate in that race started off this week by musing publicly about attending public hangings, aka lynchings in Mississippi. Now she is on tape musing about how she sure would like to make it harder for liberals to be able to vote in Mississippi, including at some specific schools, if you know what I mean. Her response since that tape came out tonight has been to call it a joke. Obviously, just a joke. But Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith is running against an African-American Democrat named Mike Espy who is running a good campaign in Mississippi. This election is a runoff. It happens in less than two weeks. The Republican party should not have to spend a dime to elect a Republican in the state of Mississippi, but you know what? They already lost an Alabama Senate seat in the trump era by running a candidate just like this. Now down in Mississippi, they're having to spend money there too.

Yeah, that's a Senate candidate "joking" about lynching people and suppressing the vote. All within 2 weeks of each other. Lamar White, Jr., who reported the voter suppression comment for The Bayou Brief, says Trump is considering a visit to Mississippi to hold a rally in support of Hyde-Smith.

He also included this little nugget in his excellent reporting - that in writing her awful voter suppression comment off as a joke, she used a photo of her and a black student laughing it up in front of her campaign bus.


That student was unamused. He did not appreciate being used as a prop to help Hyde-Smith try to paint herself as not-the-racist-she-so-obviously-is.

Cindy Hyde-Smith deleted her tweet above because this student totally called her out on her bullsh!t.

So, have I mentioned there is a run-off on November 27? And that she is running against Mike Espy, a smart and accomplished African-American man? Let's hope the Dems in the South continue to blow us all away with their incredible turnout so they can hand this racist white lady a resounding defeat from which she cannot Hyde.


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