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Chris Matthews Loves To Hate Hillary Clinton — Even During Bush 41's Funeral

The MSNBC pundit bashed Secretary Clinton more than once for no apparent reason during coverage of George H.W. Bush's funeral service.

Who hurt you, Chris Matthews? Why are you like this?

During the appropriately solemn coverage of the former president, George H.W. Bush's funeral service, the MSNBC panel was discussing history of presidencies and the like. There was discussion about the different personalities of the former presidents and first spouses assembled in the first two rows, how Michelle Obama had to cancel European book tour stops to attend the funeral, etc. Then Chris Matthews coughed up this hairball:

MATTHEWS: I don't think President Carter and Hillary Clinton like each other. I'm just looking at that picture. It's strange, as if they're not anywhere near each other. I shouldn't point that out, but it's fairly obvious.

I'm sorry, what?

Nicolle Wallace ignored him and continued discussing Michelle Obama's book tour, and her friendship with Bush 43, but Brian Williams came back to push back on Matthews' completely BS characterization.

WILLIAMS: Chris, as you know, it's important to remember, President Carter is I think basically an introvert who found himself in a life of politics...a man of great and towering faith. So i'm sure he is in the moment while sitting there.

AND, might I add, Secretary Clinton is allowed her quiet moments as well, as she is about to be sitting in the same row, breathing the same air as the foul, half-peeled scab on the ass of humanity that stole the election from her, and still debases her every chance he gets in the press. But no, not in Chris Matthews' eyes and mucous-filled throat. He must still find ways to get his digs and taunts in at the woman who possesses more intellect and class than he can ever hope to achieve.

Even later in the day, he finds a way to make fun of her and apparently the amount of room she takes up.

MATTHEWS: Are you watching President Carter and Hillary Clinton? Like he is next to the Cliffs of Moher. He would fall over if he moved an inch to the right.

What is his actual problem with her? Why is this necessary? Is he auditioning for Fox News? Because that is exactly where this kind of commentary would fit right in. Mean. Unfounded. Unnecessary. And popular with Republicans. Note the only one laughing is Republican Michael Steele.

And everthing I wrote above would be the case, even if what Chris Matthews was saying about Secretary Clinton and President Carter was accurate.

But thanks to truthtellers on Twitter, we also have people willing to rewind their DVRs to actually provide evidence we can all see that it is actually FALSE. See for yourself.

I don't think Chris Matthews deserves a TV show. I shouldn't point that out, but it's fairly obvious. In fact, I can think of a long list of people who would be better anchors of a nightly show on MSNBC at 7 p.m. than him. Joy Reid. Tamron Hall. Sarah Kendzior. Hillary damn Clinton.

Chris Matthews can go straight to the Cliffs of Moher.

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