Poor John Kerry, eminently educated and well-spoken on the topics of climate science and policy had to deal with the absolutely dumbest questions from the tiniest brains in Congress.
April 10, 2019

Scientists have been able to take the first photos of a Black Hole ever, and they found it between Rep. Thomas Massie's ears! I swear, this dude went to MIT? HOW? Was he on the Lori Loughlin College Payment Plan?

Poor John Kerry, the dignified, brainy, ethical, genteel former Senator and Secretary of State had to sit there while this this Kentucky carbuncle on the @ss of the Republican Party questioned him about climate change. Sec. Kerry agreed to appear because the Democratic-led House Oversight Committee was looking into the dramatic and dangerous rollbacks the Trump administration was implementing to line the pockets of the oil and gas industries. But of course, that means, in fairness, he has to also take questions from members of both parties, so here we were. Thomas Massie not understanding that a Political Science degree might be called a Bachelor of Arts if it has "science" in the name.

MASSIE: Isn't it true you have a science degree from Yale?

KERRY: It's a Bachelor of Arts degree.

MASSIE: Is it a political science degree?

KERRY: Yes. Political science.

MASSIE: So, how do you get a Bachelor of Arts in a science?

KERRY: Well, it's a liberal arts education and degree, and a Bachelor of Arts.

MASSIE: Okay, so it's NOT really science, I think it's appropriate that somebody with a pseudo-science degree is here pushing pseudo-science in front of our committee today. (quiet laughter around him) I want to ask you --

KERRY: Are you serious? (loud laughter) I mean, this is really a serious happening, here?

The misconception continues, as Massie just a moment or two later says, "You're the science expert, you got the political science degree..."

Now, if you think that's bad, just wait until an exasperated Kerry tries valiantly to get Massie to understand how exactly it was that if 350 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere is considered dangerous, the levels are 406 ppm today, but since mammals were walking the planet the average has been as high as 1,000 ppm. As Kerry explained, "Yeah, but WE weren't walking the planet."

KERRY: We know definitively that at least in the last 800,000 years, has atmospheric CO2 been as high as it is today....

MASSIE: The reason you chose 800,000 years ago is because 200 million years before that it was greater than it was today.

KERRY: Yeah, but there weren't HUMAN BEINGS then, it was a different WORLD, folks, we didn't have 7 billion people!

MASSIE: So, how did it get to 2000 ppm if we humans weren't here?

KERRY: Because there were all kinds of geologic events going on on Earth that spewed up --

MASSIE: Did geology stop when we got on the planet?

KERRY: Mr. Chairman, (to Chairman Cummings) this is just not a serious conversation.

We feel you, Sec. Kerry. This Congressional Cockroach doesn't understand how political science does not involve test tubes and lab coats. He can't comprehend the fact that there are other mammals besides humans, and that they roamed the earth for hundreds of thousands of years before humans even evolved into being, let alone learned how to not walk using our knuckles. That perhaps the REASON we humans didn't exist when the CO2 levels were 2000 ppm is because we could not survive under those circumstances.

Yeah, we don't know how this guy gets dressed in the morning, either. Thank you for your service to our country, and for your efforts to combat not only climate change, but the grave stupidity the Republican Party relishes instead of rejects.

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