June 30, 2019

If CNN didn't give this Trump booster the time to pollute our airways in the first place, maybe the other guests on their shows could spend more time discussing actual substantive policy differences instead of having to debunk the lies being told by the other guest.

CNN has been allowing David Urban to make appearances on their network for years, despite his conflicts of interest with his lobbying work, and with appearing in numerous Trump campaign videos, and he was back this Sunday where he's one of the regulars on the political panels on CNN's State of the Union.

During a discussion of this Thursday's Democratic debate, where the candidates were asked about their support of Medicare for all and the possible elimination of private health insurance, and Sen. Kamala Harris' backtracking on the issue, Urban did his best to try to paint everyone in the Democratic primary as a bunch of left wing kooks. But he couldn't do that without lying about what their positions actually are.

Bakari Sellers took Urban to task for repeating "crazy right-wing talking points" on so-called "open borders," and rebutted his fearmongering over whether or not there would still be a role for private insurance if we do move to Medicare for all in the United States, but I'm sure no amount of lying will prevent the network from having him back on again later this week to spread more misinformation and lies.

URBAN: So I would just say this. As long as we saw the same tone and tenure in those debates where everybody is trying to out-left each other, right? You heard Mike Shields on here earlier today saying the most of middle America, they hear and they listen to this stuff and they roll their eyes going, what are you peopling talking about? Like, this Democratic field cannot get further to the left of one another.

And as long as that occurs, there is nobody up there that's going to beat Donald Trump, I promise you that. […] I promise you that. I promise you.

MCINTOSH: This erroneous idea that some of these policies that are being perceived or portrayed in the media as super lefty are enjoying really widespread --

URBAN: You're talking about eliminating insurance (crosstalk) Hold on! Let's just be very factual --

MCINTOSH: There are Republicans who are in favor of Medicare for all.

URBAN: Stop! This is a network that believes in facts. Let's get rid of ICE. Let's have open borders. Let's have --

SELLERS: Nobody said that. (crosstalk) If you're going to spew right-wing talking points, then I have to correct you. There's nobody talking about... first of all, Medicare for all, there is a role for supplemental insurance.

URBAN: Not according to most of those candidates up there.

SELLERS: There's only two people who raised their hands who actually believe that, and yes, you were talking about Senator Harris having to go back and clean that up, were Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but most people want to have Medicare with some private insurance supplemental. Nobody is getting rid of that.

Second for open borders, that is a crazy right-wing talking point –

URBAN: It's not a crazy right-wing talking point –

SELLERS: – because when Castro talks about that, all you're doing is those people still have to be adjudicated. You're just going through a civil process and you still get to be adjudicated, and criminals, there are still crimes on the books to deal with this.

MCINTOSH: Open borders would mean dismantling the security apparatus we currently have. No one is calling for that!

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