Anthony Scaramucci has become a real thorn in Donald Trump's side lately, and this interview won't lessen the angry tweets coming from Hair Fuhrer
August 24, 2019

AM Joy host Joy Ann Reid, sporting a fabulous new hairstyle, welcomed Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci to her show on Saturday morning to discuss his recent estrangement and growing campaign against Donald Trump. For over a week, Scaramucci has been one of the main sources of Donald Trump's Twitter anger, which has done little to squelch Scaramucci's speaking out against Trump. This is clearly getting to Trump.

With a looming recession, more ex-staffers speaking out publicly, and hourly meltdowns, this has been quite a bad month for the Donald.

This interview is pretty wide-ranging, with Scaramucci calling out Trump for being an international emergency, a "descent into madness" and the increasing chance that Trump should not be the 2020 nominee. They also covered the WaPo op-ed that Scaramucci wrote early last week where he admitted quite bluntly that he regretted supporting Trump.

Scaramucci said:

“I accept all criticism...if you want to fault me and your viewers want to fault me for getting there late, I’m okay with that. I can accept that because I’m a flawed human being. Here is what I would say to everybody. This is an international crisis;- you have to create an off-ramp that did what I did, spinning a Rubik’s cube and saying, 'this part is good, that part is good, that part is bad.' And then through the process of cognitive dissonance, we started to lesson the parts that were bad.”

He then dove into what he observed over the last few weeks, when we saw Donald Trump descend into madness:

“Maybe you don’t agree with me. But I think the last two weeks have been worse than at any other time. Let’s say you don’t agree with me and you say he’s been exactly the same he’s been since 2015. Some of us, it took us time — I’m a loyal person, a registered Republican. I’m just suggesting to people create the off-ramp for people that got this very wrong. We made a hiring decision. We’re in the board room. The CEO is acting nuts. We have to replace the CEO.”

He is not wrong. Many have stated that if their parent were acting this way, they would immediately take them in for a neuropsych evaluation. If a CEO was acting this way, the Board of Directors would make them undergo a full evaluation and have them step down from leading the company, as we saw with Overstock's CEO Patrick Byrne. But the President? Unless his cabinet votes to use the 25th Amendment, the country (and the world) are pretty much stuck watching the slow motion train wreck happening in front of us, with nothing to stop it.

Joy asked Scaramucci why he thinks no one in the White House is doing anything to rein the madman in, asking:

“You know people inside the White House. Why are they not doing what you’re doing? Do you believe that there are people in the White House now, in the administration, who know what you know about him — that as you just said, he’s having a breakdown. It sure looked like one, calling himself the second coming of God. But why aren’t they leaving? Why aren’t they changing their minds?”

Scaramucci was blunt that there are people who could do something, but are either too afraid or that hate him so much that they are willing to let him implode on live tv:

“You know from your sources inside NBC News, that of course there are people inside the White House that absolutely hate his guts, and now they’re trying to figure out what they can do. One of the problems is the rampant bullying. Look what he did to me and my wife on his Twitter feed this week. I don’t even take that personally, that’s being done to silence the people inside the White House that hate his guts and silence the people up on Capitol Hill.”

The bigger issue is what to do about 2020. Scaramucci is hopeful that the GOP will decide to ditch the madman and find someone less...unpredictable. Here are his thoughts:

“He’s also got this paper tiger mirage status inside the Republican Party. He’s tweeting out he’s 94 percent approval rating, but it’s not, it’s closer to about 78. That’s still high, but if you ask the secondary question, would you choose him over another credible Republican, you know, somebody like a Jon Huntsman, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, I could list very experienced people that could become the next American president, and of course people say ‘Yes, because he’s nuts.'”

And about Trump's ongoing obsession with attacking Scaramucci publicly? He is fine being the martyr to help deflect the blows from others:

“I do believe by speaking out and calling the emperor for what it is, very naked, I do think it’s going to create a runway and a human shield for other people. I don’t mind taking the blows. I don’t mind taking the blows from the left on MSNBC. I don’t mind taking the blows from Ronna Romney McDaniel, who now all of a sudden is — it’s a personality cult party as opposed to the Republican Party. I got no problem with it. We have to bring those people out and I predict we will.”

Let's see if Donald Trump fires off a few nasty tweets while at the G7 this weekend. He definitely has the time since he will not really be participating in any meetings and will just be accusing our allies of owing us money for things that he imagined in his head and maybe trying to buy other countries. Who knows.

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